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Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Gerstein Flip-Flops on Harry Reid

Took him three whole days to completely change his tune about the Lieberman Party's official position on Sen. Reid.

Dan Gerstein to Greg Sargent on Saturday:

"Joe Lieberman has no interest in being Dick Cheney or Karl Rove's political football, just as he has no interest in being a political football for Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid. In fact, he's fed up with this kind of petty partisan game playing which is stalemating Washington and blocking progress on the problems people care about. That is exactly why he is campaigning for a new politics of unity and purpose that will deliver results for the people of Connecticut. The Republicans and Democrats in Washington can spin the results any way they want, but Joe Lieberman is focused on bringing meaningful change for his constituents."

Dan Gerstein to Greg Sargent today:

"Senator Lieberman is a Democrat, will continue to be a Democrat and is committed to caucusing with the Democrats should he be reelected. If reelected, he is absolutely committed to supporting Senator Reid as leader, and he very much hopes it will be as majority leader."

But I thought Sen. Reid was part of the "petty partisan game playing which is stalemating Washington"?
At least Marion took her prepared texts and stuck with them. Gerstein seems to have far more autonomy and is writing this nonsense himself.
Wow - I'm dizzy from all this Gerstein spin..
I guess Harry must have told Joe not to get too attached to his committee assignments.

If this was a game to see who blinks first, Joe just lost.
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