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Thursday, August 10, 2006


More on LieberRove

The New York Times has more on Rove's Cheney's Lieberman's statement today.

As BranfordBoy notes, there is only one candidate in this race who is strong on national security, and it's the Democratic candidate:

This is what Ned said Tuesday night (or was it Wednesday morning?):

As your Senator, I will work to assure that America has the strongest and greatest military on the face of this earth. But America is stronger still when we work with our allies, stay true to our values, and treat the rest of the world with respect.

That's the America that Connecticut voted for today.

Ned Lamont is far less the anti-war candidate than he is the pro-sanity candidate. The sooner everyone wakes up to that fact, the better off the country will be.

With the words he used, Joe Lieberman viciously attacked the entire Democratic party as peing pro-terrorist. He aligned himself with Bush, Rove, and Cheney - three terribly unpopular figures in Connecticut, even amongst Republicans. I don't think he has a clue what he's doing politically, but what else is new.

Will prominent Democrats just sit back and take this? They wouldn't take it from Bush, Rove, or Cheney...
Joe Lieberman has become Connecticut's Katherine Harris.
Joe, take a few hours out to read up on the "corrupt deal" and what that did to the reputation of the participants.

Joe Lieberman is a back stabbing, two-faced hypocrit.
No one is ever going to believe that hypocrite Joe Lieberman anymore...he is selfish and now is McCartyizing the very party he claims to love...how pathetic
Don't you love it? Before we were just looney leftist blogofascistas on a jihad... now they've really taken the gloves off and accuse us of being outright Al Quaeda sympathizers and enablers. What's next? Or rather, what's left to say? Lamont supporters are the Reincarnation of Ted Bundy?

Geez, and here all along I thought I was a housewife and a Girl Scout leader, but nope, I'm actually a terrorist and I never even knew it! My husband... real estate lawyer? No, cell member. My teenage son, who volunteered for Ned and is about to start his junior year in high school ... uh-uh, future (or maybe even current, huh Joe?) bus bomber. Just for exercising our right to work and vote for the candidate we prefer and who more accurately reflects our views... that makes us the equivalent of vicious terrorist murderers.

These people - Cheney, Snow, Lieberman - are absolutely freakin' nuts. You just wonder when some of their heads are going to explode from the insanity of it all.

Jane in Guilford
I dont think they said any of those things Jane. And you are not any of those thing. You are naive. You and your friends believe if you just leave these people alone they'll like us and won't try to kill us. You think if we just get our soldiers out of Iraq the war will be over. We were at war long before we ever decided to fight back and we will be (sadly) long after you and I are gone.

Where the tie to the terrorists come in is when terrorists see people like Ned and Reid and Pelosi and you pick em tell the world we need to get out now. What that says to the terrorist is "hang on" and America will be gone and then we can do what we want. Kill a few more Americans and we'll push them over the edge.

Ever wonder what would have happened if everyone kept a united front. We'd probably be done and the soldiers would be home. OR off to the next front--because there will be a next front.

You have every right to work for and vote for the candidate that espouses your views, and Joe has every right to think you are dead wrong and bring his case to 100% of his constituents not just the 20% that vote in the primary.
Sorry, I don't feed trolls. Have a nice day.

Jane in G.
hey gsingjane, I guess you are an islamofascist girl scout soccer mom!
I support you 100% energy analyst! Joe should bring his case to the entire state!
been called worse by better
no phil, just a rude indivual. But isnt that the same as most (not all, but most) liberals?
I suppose you're right.
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