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Thursday, August 24, 2006


Shays Calls for a "Timeline"

Just another "Al Qaeda" candidate, right, Joe?

"Maybe the only way to encourage the political will of the Iraqis is a time line," Shays said. "We determine what they need and they determine what they need before we leave."

And Shays again uses Lieberman as cover (although I'm sure it would come as news to Joe that he supports a timeline for redeployment):

"Joe and I have had the same view of the war from day one," Shays said. "His view could not change because of the election and neither can mine."

I guess one should call this the Shays-Lieberman "stay and cut" solution? Or would it be simply "run the course."

Perhaps what they've been talking about all this time is to "run" but only at the appropriate moment.

Either way, we can be sure the Iraqi Unity* Government will handle it. We have the Shays-Lieberman guarantee.

* Not to be confused with the McCain-Lieberman Unity party or the Connecticut for Lieberman Unity platform.
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