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Wednesday, August 23, 2006


UAW For Ned Lamont (D)

Update: Spazeboy was there and has video. Go show him some love:

I liked this last part. People power over PAC money:

The regional director of the United Auto Workers union says he's appalled that Senator Joe Lieberman has qualified to get on the November ballot as an independent.

Bob Madore says Lieberman is selfish and is only out for himself and that's why his union is backing Democrat Ned Lamont.

He pledged to get 5,000 people out to work for Lamont because Lamont has refused to accept a $5,000 political action committee contribution from the unions.

Great news!

Regarding PAC money, UAW could host a fundraiser for Ned and ask their members to contribute $ to Ned directly.
Anyone know about the chances of getting the AFL-CIO people to support Lamont? I'm fearful that John Olsen and the people at the top have been bought off by LieberBuck$$$. Is the Lamont team working hard to try to secure AFL-CIO support?

I can't imagine how rank-and-file AFL-CIO members could support LieberBush. But maybe they've all been brainwashed.
Attention: Be Sure To Watch This Video

This is truly must-see TV. Amazing stuff!!
but what about the hug?
ok, i'm stupid. why did he decline the PAC check? hasn't he accepted PAC checks from hillary, obama, etc.? couldn't he ask for both the check and the people? (yes, i'm factually challenged here. but i don't get it.)
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