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Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Webless Joe

This is pretty funny. The Lieberman campaign, who blamed Lamont supporters for "hacking" Joe2006.com when actually it just crashed due to (expectedly) high traffic around election day + incompetence on the part of his web team, can't seem to find a single web-design or hosting firm to help them with their problems, so Joe2006.com is just sitting as a one-page useless site right now.

Now that Joe (Joe) is officially a member of the Connecticut For Lieberman party and no longer a Democrat, he will - and should - have a very hard time finding any Democratic consultants, firms, or vendors who will work for him. Expect more Republican hires.
Off-topic, but there is a GREAT idea on the rec list on DKos right now, and I hope someone in the campaign considers it:


Basically, the idea is for Lamont to challenge Schlesinger to one-on-one debates. There's a lot more details and brainstorming at the link.
Regarding the one man party and the New Haven voters' request that Lieberman be expunged from the Democratic enrolment list, please refer to Connecticut General Statutes 9-61. The official announcement that he (and he alone as far as we know) is a member of the Connecticut Party for Lieberman coupled with his far-right statements are prima facie evidence supporting his erasure or exclusion from the Democratic list. Add to that his wife, if she joins and any one else.

I am happy to now know why his site, impossible to Google easily under "Lieberman," is a static nothing. With all the money he's raised and the effect of the Lamont sites, it is mind-boggling that his staff is so inept.
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