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Monday, September 18, 2006


5th Party Candidate

It's official - Sen. Lieberman is in a three-way tie for the third line on the ballot (Sec. of State press release via CLP):

There are a total of five candidates running for United States Senator this year in Connecticut: Alan Schlesinger of the Republican Party, Ned Lamont Democratic Party, Timothy Knibbs of the Concerned Citizens Party, Ralph Ferrucci of the Green Party, and Joseph Lieberman of the Connecticut For Lieberman Party. The sequence in which they will appear in Column 2 on the November 7th ballot is as follows:

* Alan Schlesinger
* Ned Lamont
* Timothy Knibbs
* Ralph Ferrucci
* Joe Lieberman

Keep in mind that the entire raison d'être of the faux "Connecticut for Lieberman" party is that it would allow him a higher spot on the ballot than simply running as an unaffiliated candidate.

Cynical politics from a cynical politician.
Conceivably Lieberman could be 9th on the ballot. From the SOTS press release:

If minor party candidates for State Representative from either the Libertarian Party, Working Families Party, or Independent Party file to run this year, Senator Lieberman would appear below any or all of them on the ballot as well.
I'm wonder if Lieberman chose 'Connecticut for Lieberman' rather than 'Lieberman for Connecticut' for eyetrack reasons on the ballot. From a purely visual standpoint it's easier to pick out the 'Lieberman' at the end of the party name rather than in the muddled middle of the ballot. If it reads like this...

Alan Schlesinger - Republican
Ned Lamont - Democratic
Timothy Knibbs - Concerned Citizens
Ralph Ferrucci - Green
Joe Lieberman - Connecticut For Lieberman

...the eye track is a bit better than Lieberman for Connecticut. The 'Lieberman' at the end of his party sticks out like a sore thumb.
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