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Saturday, September 16, 2006


Speaking of "Loyalty"

New ad running today.
what is NOT evident here in the youtube AND the windows media AND the Qtime web video versions of this ad is that these guys have their coats on backwards, ie, their coats are turned inside out (that is why the woman voice in the ad says, “don’t you guys feel ridiculous?”)

I would not have even known that their coats were on backwards had I not read that in a DKos comment.

since the backwards coats thing (“turncoats”) is central to this ad’s message, I just hope that when this ad plays on TV, the backwards coats thing is more plainly evident than in these web versions, which all have terribly lousy color contrast.

in any event, even if the reversed coats were clearly visible, this ad still does not sufficiently reveal and frame joe as the scoundrel that he is, ie, this ad does not put forward a compelling argument that would make a Dem planning to vote for joe or an Unaffiliated planning to vote for joe to become so disgusted with joe on a visceral gut level to the point of at least abstaining on election day as far as the CT senate race is concerned.

therefore, at this point now in the prime time of election season, this ad is therefore ultimately ineffective and is therefore a waste of money.

we better do better in this department.
Does anyone out there have any update regarding the status of the AFSCME endorsement? See the article "Will Ned Lamont Get Connecticut AFSCME's Endorsement" dated 9/15/06 for background info at:

Click here for article.
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