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Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Bush To Raise Money For Schlesinger

And Shays, in Greenwich on Monday. George Gallo:

Gallo said proceeds will support the party's effort this fall and its entire ticket, including U.S. Senate nominee Alan Schlesinger.

"He's one of our candidates, so absolutely," Gallo said....

Undecided about whether he will attend the fundraiser, Schlesinger said Bush endorsed the party's entire Connecticut ticket in a television interview earlier this month.

"The decisions that are being made about my race in the Republican Party are not being made by George Bush, and I appreciate his support," Schlesinger said.

Update: Ned has a great line in a transcript of an extensive interview just posted at The American Prospect:

I just came from the Wall Street Journal meeting and believe me, I told them Alan Schlesinger, the Republican, was an extraordinary candidate, I guarantee he will cut your taxes -- their eyes lit up at that point -- OK, he does a little gambling on the side, but nobody’s perfect. [laughter]

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