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Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Tuesday Morning Round-Up

These polls like to show over 90% of the electorate having made their decision already. That 5% for the Republican candidate is not credible.

It would be interesting to see Lieberman's fundraising numbers. He doesn't seem to be holding a lot of fundraisers. What is coming in for him? That would give us some idea of what the political industry really thinks is going to happen in this race.
Mayor Bloomberg is holding a fundraiser for Lieberman soon. The only place Lieberman will get donations is from Republicans and DLC Dems.
Any chance we're going to see a list of the latest Lobbyists for Lieberman? Between the Special Interests and the DC Lobbyists, that's a might army of insiders.

Pointing out that Joe's money is all from the inside might take the shine off his "bipartisanity."
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