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Friday, September 22, 2006


Joe on Scooter

A year ago, after Libby's indictment, from Sen. Lieberman's own website:

October 28, 2005...

“When the Chief of Staff to the Vice President of the United States is indicted in a criminal case, it is a sad day in the history of our government. While it is important to remember that an indictment is not a conviction, these charges are extremely serious. Our national security, intelligence protocols to protect covert agents and classified information must be protected. Witnesses under oath and in legal proceedings must tell the truth and be held accountable if they do not. The public’s confidence in government has been damaged by this matter and it must be restored. For this reason, Mr. Libby’s resignation is appropriate and necessary.

“This indictment is about serious violations of law. It is not about partisan politics or the war in Iraq. Whatever our party affiliation or opinion on the war, we all agree that perjury, obstruction of justice, and making false statements to a grand jury are inexcusable criminal acts. That is where our shared focus should be so that today’s indictment does not become one more cause of debilitating political divisiveness in our government.”

Sen. Lieberman is now accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars raised by the Chair of Libby's defense fund and contributed by who knows how many other supporters of a man indicted on what Sen. Lieberman himself termed "inexcusable criminal acts."

Gerstein says no problem, it went like "gangbusters":

Lieberman's communications director, Dan Gerstein, said the reception held at Mel Sembler's St. Petersburg offices - where guests were asked to contribute a minimum of $1,000 to the three-term incumbent's battle against Greenwich Democrat Ned Lamont - went like "gangbusters."

Gerstein said today that he did not immediately know of other prominent Republicans who have offered to help Lieberman raise campaign cash, with the exception of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.


Would the meaning of that be like "law enforcement officers breaking up a criminal enterprise"?
This info needs to be in a TV ad and aggressively spread by the Lamont campaign as to the seriousness of what a "turncoat" does.
Gerstein and company may think the Lamont picture of Ned on a tricycle is funny. Joe on a "Scooter" is dispicable. It would be great to get a whole list published of the tons of hypocritcal statements Lieberman has made. Master of the flip-flop.
good work tparty!

if, and I say "if" the lamont campaign still wants to court Dems specifically, then a TV ad talking about how joe is being funded by repubs now, and NOT the "turncoat" ads, is the way to court dems who are still pro-joe -

it is really quite disgusting how joe is now bathing in repub cash.
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