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Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Big Energy Joe

As always, Sen. Lieberman's policies - such as his vote for the disastrous Bush-Cheney Energy Bill in 2005 - are determined by campaign contributions from his D.C. lobbyist friends:

LIEBERMAN REWARDED FOR HIS “BIPARTISAN’ ANTI-ENVIRONMENT VOTES WITH ENERGY INDUSTRY CASH: Lieberman has cashed in from his willingness to cast key votes against the environment. In the last year and a half alone, he has received more than $72,000 in corporate PAC contributions from the energy industry – that’s almost $1,000 in energy PAC contributions per week since 2005. Since 2000, he’s raked in more than $285,000 from the energy industry. This includes PAC contributions from, among others, Texaco, Conoco, British Petroleum and Occidental Petroleum. It also includes contributions from the natural gas industry that will benefit from Lieberman’s support of stripping Connecticut’s ability to regulate the construction of natural gas terminals in Long Island Sound. Specifically, Lieberman has received contributions from the American Gas Assocation, Consolidated Natural Gas and the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America. Meanwhile, Enron lobbyist Michael Lewan (also formerly Lieberman’s chief of staff and a top fundraiser for John Rowland) continues to hold K Street fundraisers for Lieberman in Washington, D.C. [Sources: Center for Responsive Politics, Lieberman report, 2001-2006; Center for Responsive Politics, Lieberman PAC report; Hartford Courant, 8/4/06]

Rewarded, also, by companies like Sempra, which has been called "Enron's twin brother" by California's Attorney General for ripping off California consumers during the 2000-01 energy "crisis" in which Enron was implicated. Sen. Lieberman got a corporate jet ride and tens of thousands of dollars of bundled contributions from Sempra, conveniently, just a few weeks after his vote for the energy bill.

But, hey, give the Senator some credit. At least he shows up to vote when the issues matter to his real constituents.
Actually, there was no disasterous Bush-Cheney Energy Bill because the democrats wouldnt let it come to a vote. If they had, we would have had a 4 year (ok maybe 3 year) head start on some of the infrastructure issues that plagued us in the wake of huricane katrina, but dont let facts get in the way of a good bashing
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