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Sunday, September 24, 2006


Joe's Iraq Speech Tomorrow

Atrios thinks he's going to double down:

Cowardly Joe Lieberman is giving his big "Iraq speech" on Monday. My bet is he out-Bushes Bush on the IRAQ IRAQ TERRA TERRA BINLADENSADDAMOISLAMONAZI FREEDOM IRAQ IRAQ TERRA TERRA rhetoric.

But DemFromCT states the obvious, that "stay the course" has been a disaster:

John Abizaid says no troops are coming come. Maliki visits Iran and setting up a Hezbollah-in-Baghdad food distribution program. The National Guard is needed to fix the broken army (i.e., there aren't more troops). Iraqi troops not only have divided loyalties, they're not competent....

That security crackdown, aka the "must-win" Battle of Baghdad, all part of the on-going Iraqi civil war, isn't going so well either. How Republicans think this is going to stay out of the news between now and November is beyond me. But whether redeployment (the Murtha plan) is embraced by all Democrats or not, "stay the course" is a disaster that is only creating more terrorists and making us less safe.

Can Joe really afford to tie himself closer to Bush-Cheney on Iraq? Conversely, if he's counting on Republican voters in November - and more importantly, Republican fundraisers - can he afford to make any meaningful break with Bush-Cheney?

My bet is it will be neither of the above. More mushy meaningless equivocation, the same we've heard all campaign. Perhaps some attacks on his opponent's Iraq policy (you know, the same policy shared by many Republicans and the entire Democratic party). Certainly no meaningful call for accountability. Perhaps another call for Rummy's head - or some other rhetoric in support of which he will never actually do anything - in an attempt to make a headline or two.

In other words, another "major" speech that will turn out to be anything but.

Whether it matters or not (and it won't), what do you think he'll say tomorrow? Open thread.
I think I know what Joe's New Message on Iraq is going to be. I believe it will be something along these lines:

"We need to get out right away, but it can't be anytime soon."

If Lieberman (God forbid) gets re-elected, do you think he will continue to be critical of Rumsfeld? I don't.
And the torture bill? What has he said about it? I would love to hear Ned come out strongly against this travesty and very soon. Judging from the blogosphere, folks are angry, disgusted and waiting for a voice of conscience.
Is he going to take any questions after the speech? I hope so and I hope the Lamont camp is able to pressure the reporters to ask Lieberman about the NIE estimate thats the big story in the NY Times today.
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