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Friday, September 22, 2006


"Petty Partisanship"

Another Rove- and Republican-backed Senate candidate is able to courageously rise above it:

I'm sure the Connecticut for Lieberman party will join the Steele Democrats in pushing to defeat the petty, partisan Ben Cardin (D) in Maryland.

As for the DSCC:

Says DSCC spokesman Phil Singer: "Michael Steele is trying to hide the fact that his campaign is funded and directed by George Bush and the Republican party."

Seems to be a trend these days...
More lying. C'mon, those banners are absolutely deceptive. They can't win without lying and cheating. And they might not be able to win this time anyway.
OMG; how soon does Joey short ride pick up this tactic? I knew Steel was a repug, and just stared at the pic thinking wha????

Ben Cardin, here's $15!

How come they're not wearing their coats inside out?

It seems these people don't think Joe is a turncoat, otherwise they would be wearing their coats inside out as Lamont has asked in his commercial.

And it also appears they don't really support Lamont, becaue if they did, they'd show their support by wearing their coats inside out.

Guess everytime we see a Lamont rally, and people aren't wearing their coats inside out then they're traitors to Lamont because that's what he wants.

So, to put it simply, it's double trouble for Lamont, Joe's not a turncoat and the people don't support Lamont.

I've read this twice and still don't believe it.
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