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Monday, September 25, 2006


No Accountability

More choice bits from Sen. Lieberman's speech, as prepared for delivery:

On accountability being a "luxury" we can't afford:

But the fact is, as vexing and painful as this situation is today, we don't have the luxury of playing "what if" games with the past. As Churchill said when some of his supporters wanted to focus on investigating the actions of his predecessor, "if the present tries to sit in judgment of the past, it will lose the future."

On the Democratic party "giving up" on Iraq:

The truth is, Lamont's plan is not a plan for changing course. This is a plan for giving up in Iraq. For giving up on Iraq's hopes for becoming free and independent. And for giving up Iraq to the sectarian militias, to the terrorists, and to the Iranians and Syrians who would exploit the resulting chaos.

We are not playing "what if" games with the past. We are asking questions about the present ineptitude of anyone who continues to support this war. Good to know Lieberman still backs his president and tells the rest of us to shut up.
How does Senator AWOL believe he has any right to comment on the Iraq occupation? He missed half the votes for Iraq - and we actually want to listen to him anymore?

There was nothing newsworthy in his speech. Just a thesaurus treatment of "stay the course." Now we have "maintain the path", "stick to the road" and "redouble our blunder."

Hit back. Hit hard. In light of the NIE report, we now know for certain that Iraq is making things worse, not better. Joe wants to continue making things worse. By insisting on doing the same counter-productive thing over and over again, he is a threat to national security.
One key point...

They stopped playing "what if" games in England after they THREW CHAMBERLAIN OUT ON HIS ASS!!!

Once Joe and all these other neocons are out of power forever, then we should resist the temptation to hold constant hearings abour their incompetance. But until that day...
I wish Joe would stop quoting Churchill or at least make the right analogy.

If Joe is Winston Churchill; Iraq is Gallipoli.

(Gallipoli being a fruitless campaign suggested by Winston Churchill at the Dardanelles in WWI. The failure of the battle led to him being fired from First Lord of the Admiralty)
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