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Sunday, September 24, 2006


"Paralyzing Partisanship"

Sen. Lieberman likes to use this term a lot these days.

When, exactly, has partisanship "paralyzed" our federal government recently?

One party is in firm control of all three branches, and pretty much does as it chooses.
Didn't Newt and the Newttes (Nancy Johnson being one of the Newts more loyal storm troopers) shut down the Government in the early nineties?

It was one of those Contract on America or Term Limit Armey of Newts thingies.
No, no, no.

What you are doing is so negative and unfair. It's just not right what you have done to one of Joe's favorite phrases.

Next thing you know some reporter will try to make his bones by asking a factual question, like "how the heck can you claim partisan gridlock?"
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