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Thursday, September 14, 2006


Thursday Morning Round-Up

Well then, can Mr. Lieberman actually use the title "Senator" if he doesn't even bother to vote on items brought to the Senate floor?

Voting on 31 of 61 Iraq War items over the last three years would seem to indicate Mr. Lieberman is more of a part-timer.

Perhaps Mr. Lieberman didn't take the oath of office and so is not bound to service. Perhaps there is an exemption to being drafted to vote.
"Lamont, who defeated Lieberman in a Democratic primary as the champion of anti-war liberals, placed his world view in surprising company, praising Republican Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush...."

I approve this message; ned is doing here exactly what he needs to do to cast a broader appeal and break the leftie jihadist frame -

all in all, this speech looks very good, and the Courant did a good job of reporting about it.

"Lamont seemed more interested in establishing his philosophical underpinnings Wednesday than attempting what has been elusive to all: drawing up a detailed strategy for exiting from Iraq."

nor should ned be concerned with having "a detailed strategy for exiting from Iraq"; does bush have a detailed strategy for exiting from Iraq? does joe?

of course not; all ned needs to do about iraq is to say that "stay the course" is not working, and that therefore we need to change the course of bush and lieberman.
How will Lieberman vote? Will Joe put the brakes on this country's "slide into dishonor"?
Check out the summary at Daily Kos by SusanG, "The Tortured Negotiations Over Torture"

"With the House Armed Services Committee's passage of H.R. 6054, which basically gives George W. Bush exactly what he wants - the ability to use secret evidence against detainees and to gut the Geneva Conventions' restrictions against torture - it appears to be coming down to three Republican senators to put the brakes on this country's slide to dishonor."
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