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Wednesday, October 25, 2006


$380,000 In Cash

Still no record of where it went, two full days after Lieberman's campaign promised reporters they could have a look at the records.

Liebermeforme.com has a creative take on the whole matter.
I can't believe the money issue does not seem to entice the media. If it were Ned, they would be all over you until the election.
Exactly. The Lieberman campaign has produced NO ONE who actually saw that cash. Theres no reason to believe it was paid out to volunteers or paid staffers or anyone. For all the proof the media has, Lieberman could have it in a suitcase in his car.

If this is a nonstory there is no campaign finance regulation. If only Gov. Rowland had known that you just take the money in cash from campaign accounts and fill out a form that says "stipend volunteers" and thats it! That cottage of his would have been an exact replica of the Taj Mahal.
I know what happened to it. They used it to light cigars. Daddy and I do that all the time. Stop your fussin now.
Also, a nice smackdown of the NYT in the comment section of the odious EmpireZone. And, as to Rove's comment -- don't those morons know we have already lost in Iraq. Their, including Lieberman's phrase of "winning the hearts and minds . . ." is impossible. If I were an Iraqi, I'd never forgive this administration for all of the destruction and death they have wrought.

Neddy, I thought you were spewed from a pod -- didn't think you had a Daddy.
Chaucer, you are an embarassment to the cause. Liberals are supposed to be open minded and accepting of the opinions of others. Opps, that's the old democrats. The new democrats espouse "Free speech for me, but not for thee," right Chaucer. What is it I'm supposed to do in this Iraq war anyway? Right, right, whatever George Bush doesn't want to do.
Neddy, open minded doesn't include paying attention to the commentary of the inane. And, if you were more astute, you'd realize I am responding to your blather, not asking that you be deep-sixed. Time for your play date where you can pick up your $100 along with your troll friends. And, have a nice day.
You're so right Chaucer. It also means not insulting everyone who doesn't agree with you. We have to be good citizens.
Anyone out there who knows computer tech? How long does it take to figure out if a computer system has been hacked? Just like the hacking story, Lieberman knows that he will be protected by lapse of time on the slush fund story. Isn't there one reporter in CT or NY who actually works for a living?

@Neddy -- when you learn what discourse is, rather than high school goofiness, then you will get a reasoned response. You have posted nothing that comes close. Now, back to the play date, or is that your nanny calling?
Hey AH, welcome back to me. It's good to see that you haven't lost your ability to give a "reasoned response." Looks like your friend is right--Free speech for me but not for thee. That should be in a baloon coming out of the donkey's mouth.
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