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Thursday, October 26, 2006


$380,000 In Cash

It's now been three days since Lieberman spokewoman Tammy Sun promised reporters they could see documentation of how $380,000 in cash was spent in twelve days before the primary.

Reporters still haven't been allowed to look at the records. And we still have zero idea of how over a third of a million dollars in cash was actually spent.

Matt Browner-Hamlin has more.
Someone on one of the other blogs said he/she had looked through some of Lieberman's FEC report. This will turn out to be far more than $387,000 in petty cash. You can bet on it. Thats just the forms that were filled out "stipend volunteers" but there are other forms with a name who is being reimbursed for food, gas, mileage. One amount was for $1300 Thats actually "petty cash" if there's no documentation. How do you give out $1300 and do no more than jot down that it went to so-and-so for food, mileage and gas?
Keep posting int Tparty and someone is bound to buy it. Good luck, 12 days to go and there still isnt anyone who knows what Ned stands for.
Ned's not a crook. For all you know, that cash could be in a box under Lieberman's bed.
I'd like to see a list of FEC petty cash disclosures for all the Senate primary candidates. My quick check of the FEC filings for some other primaries shows...

Ed Case - $0
Daniel Akaka - $0
Steve Laffey - $0
Ned Lamont - $500*
Lincoln Chafee - $1000*
Joe Lieberman - $387,000*

*from media reports - I checked Case, Akaka, and Laffey myself

I wish the Lamont campaign would issue a complete list of FEC petty cash disbursements for all Senate candidates. The more candidates I check, the worse Joe Lieberman looks.

I know it's a lot of work but maybe a request for some distributed research on the blogs could generate the report in short order. I can't get the bigger PDF files to load and I want to make sure the figures I'm getting are accurate.
enerbybanalist -- you've been gone so long I thought you were actually paying attention to the issues. Apparantly not. I think it is pretty clear to most people, no matter who they are voting for, what Ned stands for. If not, then there wouldn't be such a barrage of Lieberman whiny attacks on those very issues.

I am looking forward to someone in the MSM to actually look into the petty cash issue prior to election. I won't hold my breath, however. Perhaps it can be an issue brought up in the debates. I am sure Alan could have used that amount to mount his campaign.
Right, the MSM is so anti-Lamont that they wont bother to look at it.
btw, good to see you too AH!!
Thanks, energybanalist. I was missing you. Now, off to Baltimore -- hope to see you back on Monday.
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