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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Bush and Joe All Alone on Iraq

Today's Courant front page (pdf via newseum):

"Brass Weigh Exit Date":

Brass Weigh Exit Date
U.S. Officers Warm To Iraq Deadlines
October 31, 2006

WASHINGTON -- Growing numbers of military officers have begun to privately question the conventional wisdom that has guided American strategy in Iraq - that setting a hard deadline for troop reductions would undermine efforts to create a stable country.

The Iraqi government's failure to tackle the problem of sectarian tensions has led these officers to conclude that, unless pushed, Iraqis will not undertake key political and security reforms. Therefore, the advantages of setting a hard deadline, these officials argue, may outweigh the disadvantages.

"The upside is that deadlines could help ensure that the Iraqi leaders recognize the imperative of coming to grips with the tough decisions they've got to make for there to be progress in the political arena," said a senior Army officer who has served in Iraq.

more good news eh Tparty.
Its going to be harder to leave Iraq than it was to leave Vietnam. Like Webb said he told Allen, "The people who want to go in have no intention of leaving." They're not stupid people and they had analysts like Gen. Zinni telling them exactly what would happen.

At least in Vietnam we could hand the place over to North Vietnam.
Surprise - looks like Ned Lamont was right all along.


It's fucking horrible news.

And it's equally horrible that Lieberman and Bush continue to back a policy that has done nothing to make the four years of horrible news out of Iraq get any less horrible.
And the democrats by politicizing it have contributed mightily to convincing the insurgent to "just hang on" until the Americans loose the stomach for the war.
How long would you have us stay there and how many Americans and Iraqis have to die and whats the cost in dollars? Because we're way, way beyond what everyone thought it would be. In fact, we're going backwards and it could get a lot worse. I heard someone say on a TV panel the other day that the way things are going, we could be forced out of the Middle East entirely.

Bush, Lieberman & Co. just keep digging the hole deeper, killing more innocents and making more people hate us and I have to hope theres at least one House of Congress that goes to the Democrats and maybe that will stop these terrible leaders we're stuck with for the next 2 years from attacking Iran.
TParty -- thanks for beating me to the punch. No one has politicized this debacle more than Bush and the Republicans -- and that includes Lieberman. Perhaps energybanalist doesn't get the fact that a strong majority of voters want this fiasco to end.

I'm beginning to think energybanalist believed the same crap (since he's spewing it) that Nixon, Westmoreland, et al. repeated.
You mean the crap that we were winning in VN. The crap that if we leave millions will die. Or the crap that they left out--a generation from now some jerks from the middle east will believe they can impose their will on us because they will believe that we do not have the will to fight. Is that the crap you are talking about AH?

Joan, how many more guys in suits will have to die before democrats really believe it is a war?
Dearest "energyanalyst":

All things must come to an end, even wars. The Iraq fiasco has now lasted longer than WWII. Because the Iraq adventure is primarily a war-profiteering exercise, Bush/Lieberman have no interest in ending it anytime soon. That's why they have not "fought to win". They are unwilling to have the large-scale conscription (read "draft") and troop deployment that it would take to win.

While that might be great for Joe Lieberman, Der Decider, and defense contractors everywhere, it's not so great for Americans.

That's why there's a change a-comin..
Well said, L4L...
When energybanalist and his other chickenhawks can tell me that they fought in a war sometime during the last 65 years, I'll listen to what they have to say. I love folks who don't serve but are perfectly willing to send others to fight ill-conceived conflicts. And, once they get into it and fuck it up they want everyone else to come up with a solution re: getting out. Get another script, energybanalist, because this one is getting tired -- all you guys use the same argument -- so just say, "ditto."
You sound like Rodney King, "Can't we all just get along?" "Can't we all get behind Bush and Lieberman and fight the war and win?"
yes of course. Go take your medicine now. So your brilliant idea is to have more people there. Good thinking ace. Of course the professional soldier disagree with you, but dont let that bother you. Perhaps, like Clinton you would like to send our entire armed forces to Afghanistan and triple the population.
so AH, my 10 years in the Marines dont count. While you were smoking dope and fucking virgins in college I was getting up at the crack of dawn to drill with ROTC. Funny, with your point of view you'd think that millitary would all be on your side. What do they know that you dont. Or are they just stupid like everyone else who see things differently from you.
Yes Joan, that's exactly it. If we present a united front to AQ they lose. The only battle we are losing to them now are the PR battles here at home. They win when they drive us apart.
BTW AH, all wars are ill conceived conflicts. But if you decide to fight one, you better want to win.
We didn't win Korea and we didn't win Vietnam and we went on to be the world's lone superpower.
we didnt lose those wars, we walked away. I think you would agree Joan that the other side in this conflict is considerably different that korea and vn.

BTW we left both those wars for the same reason--people at home couldnt take it any more.
When the going gets tough, the Lieberman supporters turn to personal insults to avoid the issues.
right joe.

@energybanalist -- hmm, methinks banal is not as bad as AH, but that's just me.

In response to your screed above:
1) don't believe for a second that you were in the Marines. You have no discipline;
2) I didn't smoke dope in college;
3) Never did the "f" word with a virgin, as far as I can remember; and
4) I was studying and protesting against Vietnam -- about which I remain very proud.

Now, back to your shrillness.
You are entitled to believe whatever you would like. We already know you are gullible, but extraordinarily misguided. I don't for a minute believe your points 2&3. Feel bad for all those who died because of your protests? Were you among the spitters? I bet you were.
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