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Monday, October 30, 2006



80: the number people killed in Iraq today:

BAGHDAD, Iraq - At least 80 people were killed or found dead in Iraq on Monday, including 33 victims of a bomb attack on laborers lined up to find a days work in Baghdad's Sadr city Shiite slum.

100: the number U.S. troops killed in Iraq this month:

The U.S. military announced the death of the 100th service member killed in combat this month....

Along with rising civilian casualties, October is already the fourth deadliest month for American troops since the war began in March 2003. The other highest monthly death tolls were 107 in January 2005; 135 in April 2004, and 137 in November 2004.

Zero: the amount Joe Lieberman has done to help end the war in Iraq:

WASHINGTON—A day after saying in a major campaign speech that “we must get tougher with the Iraqi political leadership,” Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman met Tuesday with Iraq’s president and had a pleasant conversation that ended with the two men agreeing progress is being made.

“President Jalal Talabani is committed to working for a unified, democratic Iraq that preserves the rights and promotes the security of all its citizens,” the Connecticut Democrat, who is seeking re-election as an independent, said after he and four other senators met privately with Talabani for 45 minutes in the Capitol.

Asked if he followed through on Monday’s “get tough” message, Lieberman said, “This is a question of allies working together. With a friend, you don’t essentially put a gun to their head.”...

“If anyone asks what progress has been made in Iraq as a result of American involvement, look at this man,” Lieberman said. “He has taken the place of Saddam Hussein.”

Zero: The number of terrorist attacks on US soil since 9/11. Coincidence? Maybe, Maybe not.
"Leaps in Logic", brought to you by Republicans everywhere.

How many terrorist attacks have there ever been in the U.S., besides attacks on the World Trade Center (discounting homegrown terrorists like Timothy McVeigh)?

Sept. 16, New York City: TNT bomb planted in unattended horse-drawn wagon exploded on Wall Street opposite House of Morgan, killing 35 people and injuring hundreds more. Bolshevist or anarchist terrorists believed responsible, but crime never solved.

Jan. 24, New York City: bomb set off in historic Fraunces Tavern killed 4 and injured more than 50 people. Puerto Rican nationalist group (FALN) claimed responsibility, and police tied 13 other bombings to the group.

That's it.
I think it is your logic that is scarce!!!
What do you call the anthrax attacks if not terrorism? And thats not solved and for sure someone is out there, in this country, with more anthrax.

The DC snipers were the fall of 2002; that was terrorism.
and where are they Joan? There are a fair number of people who point to Iraq on the anthrax Joan--ever hear that? Maybe we'll never know.

But I know that while our soldiers have been shooting up Iraq and Afghanistan none of the Islamo Fascists have had an opportunity to come here to kill you and me.

I wonder if the war in Iraq would be going better without people like Ned (and frankly he isn't at the top of this list but he is a wannabe contributor) would work from the assumption that the cause was noble. From there we can argue all day about the execution, but that argument doesnt encourage our enemies. Bush lied and all the other BS does nothing but get soldiers killed because the nut jobs think at any time one more dead guy will push us over the edge and pull our guys out. If we work from the point of view that the reality is that we CAN'T leave many of these guys will give up and move on--but that isnt the course Ned chose. Go figure
The "nut jobs" (IMHO) are the ones that got us into the war in Iraq not the ones trying to get us out... "many of these guys will give up and move on" - not a chance. This is wishful thinking at best. Many of these guys are in Iraq because it is their home and they are fighting for their country. I am not sure where you think they would go. The truth is, they will stay as long as we stay and breed more hate towards us everyday. The reality is that we are making our own security much worse by our involvement in Iraq.
They are not the ones killing Americans, they are the ones killing each other
The real terrorists occupy the White House right now. They're the ones spreading death and destruction when others won't bow to them and their corporate donors.
of course they are--now go take your medicine
The first WTC attack was '93, right? The second was 8 years later.

Its very, very troubling that theres been no solution to the anthrax attacks.

I don't believe that any intelligent person thinks the Iraq War was good for the US. Two many people with a lot of power in government and the media are vain and they can't admit they did something very wrong. Thats why they won't be the ones to get our country out of this mess.
we're really in a worse way on this than we were in Vietnam. At least with Vietnam, we could hand the place over to the North Vietnamese. Who are we going to hand Iraq over to and get out from under political responsibility for that place?
British to evacuate consulate in Basra after mortar attacks

The British consulate in Basra will evacuate its heavily defended building in the next 24 hours over concerns for the safety of its staff.

Despite a large British military presence at the headquarters in Basra Palace, a private security assessment has advised the consul general and her staff to leave the building after experiencing regular mortar attacks in the last two months.

A handful have already left by helicopter and the rest are expected to go this week, some of them to Basra air station eight miles outside the city and the rest back to Britain. A skeleton staff will continue to man the building until it is deemed safe enough for the rest to return. A Foreign Office spokesman insisted last night that its officials were "not bailing out".

Fight them where?
Isnt that just the point Joan. All the calls for withdrawal and he lied, he needs to be fired, get you what? There is no harm disagreeing with how things are going--in fact no one thinks they are going well, but when the democrats politicize it to gain advantage in an election we all lose--because we cant leave. This war has nothing to do with Haliburton--the deal that gave them their support position with the millitary was cobbled together by the clinton admin to save costs. No on lied to get this war done. It has gone badly for one reason and that is that we fight with humanity while the other side couldnt care less. More troops wouldnt help but make more targets. This place is where the AQ guys want to make their last stand and I say lets let them.
@energybanalist -- the terrorists are not on our time clock. And since when does fighting with humanity involve torture, sexual humiliation and murder and rape of innocent civilians?

And if you think Iraq is where the AQ guys will make their last stand, you are sadly mistaken. There are a number of African countries who are harboring AQ, not to mention Pakistan, Afghanistan and countries in the European Union.
Welcome back AH, did you spread your good cheer and talking points all over Baltimore? There are plenty of places harboring AQ, but they all travel to "defend" Iraq. Humanity is not turning the place into a glass plate. Humanity is not carpet bombing ALL the cities. Open your eyes to something other than the Dem talking point AH. No one gives a DAMN about the humanity of those pointing a gun at our soldiers, its the other 90% of the population that you show humanity toward. But that's lost on you because you don't like war period and all you see this war for is an opportunity to get the Dem's back in power. I have news for you, NO ONE LIKES WAR. But sometimes it has to happen if you want to avoid MORE bloodshed. Just like the last time I brought this up to you AH--how many died in Viet Nam after we left with our tail b/w our legs because the funding for the war was cut off (this time you look up the statistic AH). Actions and inaction has consequences and sometimes the consequence of inaction is worse than the consequence of action. And what message did that send to our friends and enemies. Want a hint? Soldiers are dying for it today AH!!!

Toture? Torture is going to work one day and having to exit through the window on the 100th floor--try that for torture. I suppose it could have been worse, they may have to have put their panties on their head first right.
Of course, we can leave Iraq. Its just going to be hard. The people who got us in there can't be trusted to get us out or even to want to get us out. We still have no idea of their motives for going in.

My mother used to say, "Don't cut off your nose to spite your face." Lets get out. We didn't pay a huge price for what we did in Vietnam; like Lieberman said the other day, "life goes on." Basically, these are places with such terrible poverty that they are not a threat to America.
Joan, we are still paying the price for vietnam. If we had stayed and wiped out the cong, and admittedly not run away after beruit, somolia etc. AQ would have no basis to believe we'd run away now. All the bad news from Iraq is for our consumption to convince us to leave.

The motive? How about 3000 dead people in ny and a guy smuggling oil out and using the money to support terrorism. How about a guy who consistently thwarted efforts to figure out his wmd status. How about recognizing that turning that country around put added pressure on the regime in iran (where the real bad guys are). The list is long unless you listen to howard dean and company (and of course Ned Lamont).
energybanalist -- thanks for welcoming back. Yes, I spread my good cheer around Baltimore, a decidedly civilized place where folks look you in the eye and say hello.

Now, justifying staying in a losing war -- one which shouldn't have been waged in the first place -- is impossible. Life is hideous in a number of countries in the world -- that doesn't justify invading on false pretenses. Vietnam was a screw up, Iraq is a screw up and I have no earthly idea how to make it better prior to it becoming worse.

You are such an angry guy -- maybe you should volunteer your expertise over there and relieve someone who would love to get the hell out.
I think you're stirring yourself up to hate all the Muslims.
AH, once again you distinguish yourself by providing a response that ismore talking points not worthy of a response.

Joan I dont hate all muslims. As you might imagine I do some business there. But I love my country more. I hate the same people many of the muslims do.
energybanalist -- "I do some business there"? WTF -- now muslims are a country? And now I'm even more happy that I don't provide you with anything worthy of a response -- because basically, the lightbulb on your head is draining the little bit of brain power that you have.

@Joan -- thanks for keeping up the good side of the argument.
Oh so witty AH. I wonder if I meant with them? hmm could be. You really are an AH
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