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Saturday, October 28, 2006


Courant vs. Courant

From their endorsement of all Democratic house candidates last week:

In 1994, voters rightly rebelled against unresponsive, entrenched Democratic majorities in the U.S. House and Senate and put Republicans in charge. Similar discontent inhabits the land today.

The nation is mired in an unpopular war....

From their endorsement of Joe Lieberman today:

The three-term, 64-year-old senator lost the primary election in large part because of Democrats' anger over his support of President Bush's policy in Iraq. He is now running as a petitioning candidate. He remains a moderate respected in Congress for his talent in working across party lines.

This election is not solely about a war gone sour....

Endorsing Joe Courtney, last week:

Four years ago, Mr. Simmons, an Army veteran and 10-year CIA veteran, expressed strong misgivings about going to war in Iraq and was unconvinced the country's nuclear weapons capability posed "a clear and present danger." Ten days later, he voted to authorize the military strike. Mr. Simmons still touts his "qualified" stance on Iraq, yet in June he voted for a resolution supporting the Bush administration's policies. Afterward, his campaign issued a statement saying the resolution "fails to fully address a key question that most Americans are asking: 'When are the troops coming home?'." But Mr. Simmons also says he doesn't support a deadline.

Last month, Mr. Simmons supported legislation on the treatment of detainees in the war on terror, saying the bill adequately clarifies and protects their rights. It doesn't. Mr. Simmons also says he's against privatizing Social Security, but his varying statements call his commitment into question.

Endorsing Joe Lieberman, today:

No mention of Lieberman leading off debate for Republicans on the Democrats' Iraq accountability resolution, no mention of Lieberman dismissing any call for any timeline, no mention of Lieberman's vote on the very same detainee legislation, no mention of Lieberman's statements in support of Social Security privatization in 2005.

Endorsing Diane Farrell, last week:

But the 61-year-old moderate from Bridgeport has been marginalized by his own party and has become increasingly ineffective....

Worse, Mr. Shays has been one of the staunchest supporters of President Bush's aimless and costly Iraqi war policy. Despite recently calling for a timetable for ratcheting down U.S. involvement and advocating the resignation of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and his entire team, Mr. Shays foresees ongoing U.S. military activity in Iraq for a number of years. He has also made inexplicable statements of late, such as saying that the extreme sexual humiliation of Iraqi prisoners by U.S. guards at the Abu Ghraib prison "was not torture."

Endorsing Joe Lieberman, today:

Neither has Mr. Lieberman given Mr. Bush -- or the president's predecessor -- a free pass. The senator calls Mr. Bush's environmental record "the worst ....... in history." He threatened to subpoena Tom Ridge in 2002 when the White House refused to let the homeland security secretary testify before the Governmental Affairs Committee, which Mr. Lieberman then headed, about anti-terrorism planning.

Though the hawkish senator has too often leaped to military solutions abroad, he hasn't always been wrong. He was the only Northeast Democrat to authorize the use of force in 1991 to oust Iraqi invaders from Kuwait. He defied the Clinton administration in urging Congress to lift the 1995 arms embargo and let Bosnians repel Serbs bent on genocide.

Yes, they had to go back to 2002 to find a single lukewarm instance of Lieberman not giving Bush a "free pass."
If you're eligable to write a LTTE to the Courant, (no published letter within the last two months) today is the day to do it. They give preference to letters which give an opposing viewpoint to their editorials or columns.
They've also endorsed DeStefano (grudgingly, it appears) for Governor today.

The Lieberman endorsement contradicts all the others, an exercise in rationalization befitting a used car salesman more than a paper of record.
Would you buy a used car from the Hartford Courant editorial board?
The last time the Hartford Courant endorsed Joe Lieberman, Lieberman lost. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise.
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