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Friday, October 27, 2006


Quote of the Day

Future president Joseph Biden:

Biden said Lieberman is a "close personal friend," that his son and Lieberman's son attended Yale together, and that his daughter-in-law was the matron of honor at Lieberman's son's wedding.

"It's a matter of personal honor," he said. "It's not possible for me to campaign against Joe Lieberman."

For Biden is an honorable man,
So are they all, all honorable men.
They are "men with excuses", who put friendship over party. Yes, you could say it is an honarable trait.

What these "FRIENDS" don't understand is that Joe is hurting the Connecticut congressional candidates, and the proverbial "elephant in the room" that if Holy Joe does win, there is no guarentee that Joe Joe would caucus with the Democrats.

Plus my favorite, which I really think is possible and comes out as a "win-win" for King George, is that Shrub selects Joe, "from the other side of the aisle" Lieberman as his new Secretary of Defense, or what should be currently known as the "SECRETARY of WAR". This leaves it to the Republican governor to replace Holy Joe with a Holier JOe!
While looking for something altogether different tonight, I ran across some Gerstein quotes you might enjoy, including "I disagree with Lieberman about the conduct of the war in Iraq" and "I view Bush as one of the worst leaders in American history." There's one other stellar one at the link.
More stuff that doesn't work for the rest of us. In a business, the last thing in the world you'd want to do is look like you're hurting the company in order to help a personal friend. Everyone would think you're getting a kickback.

This is a truly lame excuse on Biden's part. He's another one who has done a great deal of harm to the Democratic Party over the last 20 years by grabbing the spotlight and being a blowhard with a mushy message. Biden has made it so much easier for the Republicans to be the party that actually stands for something. But as long as Biden keeps his own seat, he's good friends with all of them, too, and resents any issue coming in the way of his friendships. Life, death, war, peace, bankrupting the US - don't get in the way of Joe Biden's friendships.

Theres an article in the Times today on Bloomberg organizing Lieberman's GOTV operation (how the hell does that not go over a $2100 campaign limit? These arrogant people have no respect for laws.) How many goons will Bloomberg send to Connecticut? This is how the political establishment operates when ordinary citizens want to have a say: a Saddam Hussein style thug mentality that uses physical intimidation as a first resort.
Future President??? I dare say that I will be President before old Joe Biden.
The vulgar Bloomberg, having bought the NYC mayorality, now wants to buy his very own Senator in the state next door. Connecticut ought to be up in arms about this.
You tell em Bob. I only spent $6.2mm of my money to buy this seat--I ain't no vulgar Bloomberg.
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