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Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Joe: "Nobody Asked Me That Question Before"

Paul Bass was in New Haven today, and got some great video of the press pressing Lieberman... hard.

First on why it took him days to decide whether Democrats - like himself - should win back Congress: "Nobody asked me that question before":

The exchanges began when the Register's Mary O'Leary asked Lieberman about widely quoted remarks in Sunday's Courant. In that article, Lieberman was asked which party he'd like to see win control of the House of Representatives in November. He didn't have an answer. By Tuesday, Lieberman was saying he does indeed want the Democrats to gain control, but to govern in a bipartisan way. Click the arrow below this pictured screen to hear his response about why he took a few days to arrive at that answer.

He also basically told Republicans not to waste their vote on the Republican candidate:

Much more video at the New Haven Independent.
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