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Monday, October 16, 2006


Pro-Joe Ad Encourages Harassment of Ned's Business

Sen. Lieberman, this is way out of bounds.

The new attack ad from Joe's friends at the Club for Growth Swift Boat Vets Free Enterprise Fund flashes the phone number for Campus Televideo (Ned Lamont's business) at the end of the ad, encouraging viewers of the ad to call and harass them. View the ad here:

FEF ad

This is a business they're telling people to call and harass. Not the campaign. The campaign has a phone number. It's easy to find. But they put up the phone number for Ned's business.

It's like posting someone's home phone number.

But what do you expect from a group with ties to the Swift Boat Vets? This is positively high-road compared to most of their tactics.

This is the same ad that Lieberman Spokes-Tron-3000 Tammy Sun said she had no problem with in a newspaper report today.

I can't imagine that Sen. Lieberman won't loudly demand that this ad be pulled.

Oh wait, I can imagine.


(Major hat tip to reader "drowsy.")
According to the Journal Inquirer, the kingpin behind these ads is Robert J. Perry, owner of Perry Homes, a Texas-based real estate firm. Conveniently, Mr. Perry's firm has a toll-free number in case you want to call and discuss Houston real estate with him: 1-800-247-3779. I guess a few people have tried to contact Perry today as their voicemail box is full.
First, the federal government does not set tax rates for the state of Connecticut. Lamont would have roughly zero say on that.

Second, they don't define which, if any, taxes Lamont wants to "raise." I'm guessing they might mean that he wants to preserve the estate tax and roll back some tax increases for the wealthiest Americans. I know Joe concurs on the estate tax and I'm guessing he would also concur on tax breaks for the wealthy. So why go after Lamont and not Lieberman? This is a Karl Rove-Swift Boat political hit targeted to protect Lieberman. This has nothing to do with taxes or public policy positions.

Third, CT residents pay a chunk of taxes per capita because it is the wealthiest state in the country. We could "correct" this by, say, going the way of Mississippi. This is the real right wing death wish for the state - declining standards of living and falling incomes.
Ask Joe why he let's Free Enterprise Fund lie about Ned's Business practices. Call Joe at( his Senate number) and Call Perry (give phone number) and FEE (thir numbers) why?

I know. Very immature, tit for tat, etc. But do Democrats ever throw it right back at them?
T-Party, would you cut the phone number out of that graphic? We don't want to help any of those idiots harrass Ned's business...I'm sure people will get the idea without the full number showing (I deleted the last four digits on the graphic I'm going to use later).
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