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Monday, October 02, 2006


Joe Wilson Hits Lieberman on Sembler

(Photo by Suzanne Ouellette for The Day)

The Day covers Ambassador Wilson campaigning with Annie Lamont and George Jepsen in Old Saybrook this weekend:

Wilson, who said he had no particular animus toward incumbent U.S. Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman, “other than to believe that when the voters turn you out, you're supposed to go away,” gave his support to Lamont because, in Wilson's words, the Bush administration needs to be held accountable.

“The Republican majority in Congress has abrogated its constitutional responsibilities to provide oversight of the executive branch,” Wilson said. “It has sacrificed the Constitution of the United States on the altar of partisan politics to a radical regime.”...

Wilson pointed out that Mel Sembler, the former Republican National Committee finance chairman and the chair of Libby's legal defense fund, recently hosted a fundraiser for Lieberman in St. Petersburg, Fla.

Sembler told the Associated Press the event raised a “couple hundred thousand dollars” for Lieberman, who was there.

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