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Friday, October 20, 2006


Joe's "Petty" Cash Fund

In his 3Q FEC Report, the following expenditures appear:

7/27 - Petty Cash / Stipend Volunteers - $32,500
8/02 - Petty Cash / Stipend Volunteer Payment - $67,500
8/04 - Petty Cash / Stipend Volunteers - $135,000

August 3rd was the day Joe's hired goons tried to start physical violence with Ned at Ted's in Meriden. Looks like they were paid quite well.

And there's more listed under "Petty Cash" in the report in addition to the above amounts. That's at least $300,000 that Joe spent that isn't itemized on his statement.

Over 1,800 pages of this kind of stuff... help go through it.
Charles - I'd love to help with the filing but, as I am on a landline, it would take forever to download. Any suggestions?
I think maybe I don't understand what this word "volunteer" means in Lieberland. In what way is a person a volunteer if they are paid for their services?
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