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Thursday, October 19, 2006


Pick Up Today's Courant

Great coverage of the debate by Pazniokas on the front page (extensive, giving even the three minor party candidates some attention), a good sidebar on the highlights and lowlights of the debate on p. A2 (Ferrucci won for "Most Strained Historical Metaphor"), other articles linked below, one letter to the editor on the GOP dumping on Schlesinger, one on Joe's "Myth of Bipartisanship," a hilarious one on Joe as a baseball player (talk about strained metaphors), and this cartoon from Englehart:

people have complained about the closed nature of this second debate, but actually, what we are getting here from the MSM is akin to a new major hollywood movie or a bigtime prize fight getting tons of advance promotion, to build up its audience for maximum impact -

so, instead of this being the typical debate situation where many people will unfortunately miss it because they only learned about such after it had already been televised, today people will get to read all about this really interesting debate, and then get to chat about it with their friends and at work, and then get to watch it on TV in the evening -

so, the net of it is that we get a super-large and super-interested TV audience that will tune in to watch ned shine and watch shlesinger zing joe and watch joe get squeezed and make an ass outta himself (with his mike getting cut off),

and that certainly all sounds good to me!
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