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Monday, October 09, 2006


Monday Mini Round-Up

After a deluge of articles about the race yesterday in the local press, today seems to be a slow news day locally. Nationally, the Foley scandal will of course be pushed aside by North Korea's (apparent) nuclear test, which is a direct result of the global failure of diplomacy that has characterized this Administration's approach towards foreign policy since day one. We are in a worse strategic position with Bush's entire "axis of evil" than on the day it was declared, and in Iraq, Iran, and North Korea we are left with no good choices. James Baker's study group on Iraq will report to the president as much.

We need a huge change in direction in this country, and it's clear we can't afford to wait until 2008.

We need it in 29 days.

Update: Read Josh Marshall:

The bomb-grade plutonium that was on ice from 1994 to 2002 is now actual bombs. Try as you might it is difficult to imagine a policy -- any policy -- which would have yielded a worse result than the one we will face Monday morning.

Talking tough is great if you can make it stick and back it up; it is always and necessarily cleaner and less compromising than sitting down and dealing with bad actors. Talking tough and then folding your cards doesn't just show weakness it invites contempt. And that is what we have here.

The Bush-Cheney policy on North Korea was always what Fareed Zakaria once aptly called "a policy of cheap rhetoric and cheap shots." It failed. And after it failed President Bush couldn't come to grips with that failure and change course. He bounced irresolutely between the Powell and Cheney lines and basically ignored the whole problem hoping either that the problem would go away, that China would solve it for us and most of all that no one would notice.

Do you notice now?

Thanks for all the news links for the weekend, as I was in a media black-out. Except, listening to the Groton ad that Lieberman is playing. I am pretty sick of his taking credit for saving that base. Is there any way to get the message out clearly that it was a bi-partisan and national effort that was responsible for saving the Groton sub base? If I recall correctly, everyone of our representatives, Jodi Rell, Jimmie Carter, a number of military dignataries and a strong civilian population mounted a powerful campaign -- not just Joe Lieberman. I'd like to hear Chris Dodd's take on this matter. The Republicans won't speak out because Joe is one of them.
yes of course tparty. We were so much better off when we believed that they wouldnt make a bomb because Bill Clinton gave in to the blackmail. I seem to remember that they (surprise) broke every promise they made to him too. If only Madeline Albright was available to have a drink now with Kim.
energybanalist -- do you work for Fox News? Blaming the Clinton administration is getting tired. Some of us live in the present and want to know what "W" has done about the axis of evil, other than become (as was said of Geraldo) the obtuse angle of the axis of evil.
Sea Change...

Time to switch teams

Today, Washington, D.C., our capital, has become drenched in money, corruption and sex. Its tawdriness is unbounded, its morals are in the gutter, its corruption runs like a sewer.

I've had it. The Republican leadership in the House, beginning with Speaker Dennis Hastert, has got to go. As in now. I'm thinking we need to plow through four or five people right below Hastert, too. If the Republican members of the House had any guts, they'd have ousted these people last week. If the Republican leadership had any shame, they would have quit last week.

The reason Republicans are bent out of shape is that this Foley scandal is the proverbial last straw. We've had it. The out-of-control spending. The earmarks. The graft with the lobbyists. The arrogance. The abrogation of principles that Goldwater, Reagan and others worked decades to spread.

The Republicans will lose the House in November. Absent big changes, I have to say they deserve to. I will help them lose it, because in my own congressional district, Pennsylvania's 10th, I'm voting for Democrat Chris Carney.

just the facts AH, nothing but the facts. I believe the article that tparty quoted was in error and I wanted to correct it. You on the otherhand seem content to attack someone whom you dont agree with--how terribly liberal and closed-minded (if that isnt redundant) of you.
@ M Palmer: thanks for the link to the article. I've been hearing more and more of that sentiment in the last few weeks.

@ energybanalist -- I think you are missing Rush right now -- must get your talking points.
oh so witty AH. You're so funny when you have nothing to say. lol
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