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Friday, October 06, 2006


They Write Letters

House Majority Leader Chris Donovan to Sen. Lieberman:

Dear Senator Lieberman,

As you may know I’m supporting your opponent, Democrat Ned Lamont in the upcoming election for United States Senate. Yet I must write to say that I am disappointed in your refusal to demand that Speaker Hastert step down as speaker in lieu of his mishandling of the inexcusable conduct of Representative Mark Foley. What Mr. Foley did was absolutely wrong and Speaker Hastert did nothing to stop it. He turned his head away from Mr. Foley’s transgressions. He thought more of his Republican colleague than the well-being of the trusting young people in the House page corps.

Ned Lamont, correctly, has called for Speaker Hastert to step down. You, instead, have criticized those who want accountability from those entrusted with great authority. Mr. Foley misused his office to pressure his subordinates. Speaker Hastert valued political camaraderie over exercising his responsibility to take immediate actions to halt Representative Foley’s sexual pressures.

This whole incident is very troubling to the American people. We want more from our elected officials. I had hoped your immediate response would be to protect the pages. Instead you have opted to protect Speaker Hastert. Speaker Hastert must go, now.

Thank you for your consideration.


State Representative Christopher Donovan

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