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Friday, October 13, 2006


More Right Wing Forces Fund Joe

Agree with Tim. And with the Journal-Inquirer.

Now it's the Free Enterprise Fund:

The Free Enterprise Fund reported raising $1,185,000 and spending $183,892 between 10/9 and 10/20. The major donor was $1 million from Robert Perry ($500,000 on 10/3 and $500,000 on 10/5). Other donors included D.C. Searle (IL) $150,000 on 10/6, and Thomas W. Smith $35,000 on 10/6. The group made electioneering communications relating to the elections of Jon Tetster ($124,330.87) and Ned Lamont ($59,562.85).

The who?

Free Enterprise Fund is a free market advocacy group founded by Stephen Moore... Free Enterprise Fund is an "action" think tank on fiscal issues, but also uses some of its energies and funds to counter the efforts of those who oppose their cause (see Ronnie Earl and MoveOn.org campaigns).

Stephen Moore is the former president of the Club for Growth, the far-right pro-corporate group which has attempted to knock off Arlen Specter (R-PA), Lincoln Chafee (R-RI), and other Republicans in recent cycles... from the right.

The Free Enterprise Fund has run smear campaigns against MoveOn, Texas DA Ronnie Earle (who was prosecuting Tom DeLay), and for Social Security privatization.

One of the major financial backers of the Free Enterprise Fund is Robert J. Perry, a big friend of Karl Rove who has bankrolled a host of dispicable causes, including paying $200,000 for pro-Tom DeLay ads in Texas, and funding the Swift Boat Vets. How much did he give to the swift boaters in 2004? This much:


77234 $50,000 10/22/2004 SWIFT BOAT VETS AND POW'S FOR TRUTH

77234 $1,000,000 10/18/2004 SWIFT BOAT VETS AND POW'S FOR TRUTH

77234 $500,000 10/16/2004 SWIFT BOAT VETS AND POW'S FOR TRUTH

77234 $500,000 10/13/2004 SWIFT BOAT VETS AND POW'S FOR TRUTH

77234 $450,000 10/12/2004 SWIFT BOAT VETS AND POW'S FOR TRUTH

77234 $500,000 10/12/2004 SWIFT BOAT VETS AND POW'S FOR TRUTH

77234 $750,000 10/06/2004 SWIFT BOAT VETS AND POW'S FOR TRUTH

77234 $250,000 09/23/2004 SWIFT BOAT VETS AND POW'S FOR TRUTH

77234 $250,000 09/13/2004 SWIFT BOAT VETS AND POW'S FOR TRUTH

77234 $100,000 07/16/2004 SWIFT BOAT VETS AND POW'S FOR TRUTH

77234 $100,000 06/30/2004 SWIFT BOAT VETS AND POW'S FOR TRUTH

Anyone who really thinks Joe will caucus with the Dems if he wins is ignoring this emerging reality at Connecticut's peril.

His backers are on the far right... of the Republican party.
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Dear Ned Lamont, c/o this blog,

If what the Free Enterprise Fund says about MoveOn.org is TRUE, it isn't a smear job.

It is TRUE that your friends at MoveOn.org welcomed anti-Semitic and racist hate speech at their Action Forum, along with 9/11 blood libels and conspiracy theories. It is TRUE that the MoveOn community voted overwhelming support of these slurs and hate speech. It is TRUE that all this happened with the full knowledge and approval of MoveOn's moderators. (MoveOn's exercise of editorial control over the Action Forum made it 100 percent responsible for the content, contrary to Eli Pariser's pathetic excuses to the contrary.)

It is also TRUE that you yourself are knowingly and willfully consorting with a racist and anti-Semite named Al Sharpton. That alone disqualifies you from receiving the vote of anyone except anti-Semites and bigots who hate Caucasians-- or "white interlopers" to use Sharpton's words. Sharpton = David Duke in blackface.

Finally, it is TRUE that I am doing my best to let every single decent person in this country, and especially Connecticut, know exactly what you are: an individual who willfully consorts with individuals and organizations that are every bit as vile as the Ku Klux Klan. If MoveOn.org is for you and, more importantly, if you are for MoveOn.org, then I am against you.

--Bill Levinson
Somebody needs a nap.

Your argument, if you have one please?

Google on Moveon.org and "anti-Semitism" or "racism." The facts speak for themselves and they are not very pretty.

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