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Thursday, October 12, 2006


Another CTBob Production

Possibly his most serious work yet. Better than Young Republicans in lightbulb hats:

Here are some ideas.

But Joe's too busy defending his corrupt D.C. culture to listen to them.

Update: Great article about the Plan for Change in the Journal-Inquirer today:

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Ned Lamont vowed Wednes ay to be a "people's senator," pledging to put the working people of Connecticut first while pushing for tougher ethics rules, affordable and universal health care, and a refocused foreign policy aimed at catching Osama bin Laden....

Lamont also promised to oppose the privatization of Social Security, support public financing of elections, report any meetings he may have with lobbyists, push for a ban on lobbyists gifts to lawmakers, and to "not take a dime" of special-interest money.

"I don't need their money, and I don't want their money," he said.

As always, there's a reason Joe doesn't want to talk about the issues. They're not on his side.
I just posted this on the Ned Lamont blog and I thought I would also leave it here.

I think it is well worth the time.

“That’s right, Hillary Clinton is the chair of the committee that will decide Joe Lieberman’s fate. The same Hillary Clinton who may run for president in 2008, who has the same position on the Iraq War as Joe Lieberman, and who would like nothing more than to have Joe Lieberman to her right for political cover if she does decides to run.

Which is just one more reason why Joe Lieberman is the Clinton candidate. I can’t say that Hillary Clinton promised Joe Lieberman that he would retain his party seniority even if he left the party, but I do know that Hillary Clinton and Joe Lieberman have been friends for thirty years. I also know that Bill Clinton threw Ned Lamont under the Joementum bus a couple of weeks ago, stalling Lamont’s campaign.

Why? Because Bill and Hillary Clinton own Joe Lieberman, and they plan to use him.”

Ok, so it took me 10 times as long to watch the ad, since I'm on a landline -- but it is terrific. And, not having looked at CTBob's other productions -- I have to ask -- is that his voice???? Definite voice-over, theatre, movie quality. Beautiful timbre. Thanks Bob. Now, just to get another 15% of voters to vote the right way.
Please people don't be stupid. Ned Lamont is just telling you what you want to hear. In reality his is a trust fund baby trying to buy a senate seat with his Grand daddy's money. The only the government experiance this man has is beign 1st selectman in Greenwich. On the other hand Joe lieberman has done so much for this state and even this country. Just remember Joe was a canidate for President in 2004 and VP in 2000. So why all the harsh feelings? because he sided with Bush on a few issues, be smart look at the bigger picture. Who is truely the more qualified canidate? Who knows how washington works? Who saved the sub base in New London and saved that County. Dont be stupid, you could lose the best man in a very weak Party. Vote Joe
Speaking of commercials. Starting after the FEC shows up, simple title: Who are Joe's current friends: Photo of Cheney with today's quote about Lieberman, label all donors with K street conncetins as K STREET Lobbyists, and all the common folk they represent(banking, oil, pharmaceuticle, etc) and others who are heavy Repug contributer.

The Repugs love Joe already. I still think most Dems, plus Indies don't appreciate endorsements by extreme Repugs, their backers, and most importantly, K Street. Backed by the vicous Repug team from top to bottom.

Joe has to be tied to the Repugs more so the identification of this race is between Repug and Democrat!

ACOHEN: " because he sided with Bush on a few issues,"

These few issues were the BIG issues,
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