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Thursday, October 12, 2006


Thursday Morning Round-Up

The Courant and others lead with remarks at an endorsment event yesterday. Barely a mention in the papers of Ned's major policy rollout yesterday morning at SCSU. Of course, there was never a front-page article on Joe's accusations that Ned was mischaracterizing his experience as a teacher, or Joe's attacks on Ned for belonging to a country club, or Joe's attacks on Ned's wife, or Joe's continuing negative - and personal - attacks on any number of counts. Truly, there is too much at stake in this election to have it focus on stuff like this. And Indignant!Joe is getting really old.

Part of the problem with CT Media is that it tends to be regional. The Courant probably didn't cover this event because it was in New Haven. If a national figure was with Ned, then the Courant would have covered it more, but because it was in New Haven, not Hartford, the Courant most likely deffered to the New Haven Registrar. the Courant doesn't cover my neck of CT, the Northeast Corner, and neither does the New Haven Registrar.

This regional coverage is something that the Lamont campaign needs to consider because it handicaps getting their message out to all voters.
Yaaaayyy -- you're back. How come you were able to get this site back up so quickly and Lieberman's folks were offline for a month?

I gave up on the Courant a long time ago. There is no reason they can't cover news in the outerbanks of CT -- unless it is a grisly murder or flaming truck crash.

I cannot wait for the debates. Guess I will have to wait for the evening re-run -- if it is shown.
Regarding former treasurer Henry Parker's comments and letter about Lieberman's "freedom riding," heres my thought:

Can anyone name a candidate other than Joe Lieberman who is still using some rather brief episode of his life 43 years ago as a public service credential?

Another part of the issue that I'm learning about is that Lieberman was an intern in Washington that summer of 1963. He got all kinds of deferments not to have to go into the military at a time when there was a draft but someone set him up with a political plum internship that gave him connections and he's been able to use it as his "civil rights" credential for 40 years. Its so clever.
As much as I dislike Lieberman, I am not ready to slam him on his civil rights credentials. But, I'd like some more enlightenment. JoanBasil adds a piece to the puzzle for me. I also heard on the news that Joe was covering the movement as a reporter for the Yale newspaper. Is that all? Not that it is nothing, but I was under the impression that he was in the thick of the march. Since we have absolutely no access to a Lieberman site to ask this question, I will count on the Lieberman friends who appear here to help me (and him) out. Just need some facts and verification.

I've been thinking about this 1963 civil rights issue and, actually, I DO understand Henry Parker being offended and, yes, it is insulting to black voters to keep throwing this in their faces for 40 years.

Lieberman was at a fundraiser in NYC and talked about Lamont's commitment to "our community," i.e., the Jewish community. Can you imagine a politician telling Jewish voters they owe him their votes (essentially what Lieberman is doing running ads about his 1963 efforts) because of something from 40 years ago? Its unimaginable.

Yes, this is demeaning to the black community that Lieberman thinks he can do that to them. I think there is something demeaning to the black community in Lieberman and anyone else saying its "outrageous" for him to be questioned about it.
Holy Mackeral! I thought a Senator's commitment was to the citizens of the state -- not a specific community. I really do hope someone with some skills does some further digging -- that way, the issue can be laid to rest or a subject of debate. I would think the Lieberman camp would be pulling out the evidential stops to demonstrate that the accusation is false.

And, as many a voter in the black community has said this season, "we have seen Joe for years." He's been way too comfortable not having a real challenger.
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