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Sunday, November 05, 2006


Joe and Nancy Today

Working against a Democratic congress, together:

David Sirota has a lot more. Joe tried to get Ned - who had been invited by Rep. Larson (D) - thrown out of the Hartford Veterans Day Parade today.
But working to move AMERICA forward
Yeah, forward over the brink into chaos. Have a great time in Neverneverland, energybanalist.
Is neverneverland the place people have to go if they dont agree with you. Must surely be one happy place!! How are things on the dark side AH?
Is the Ned Lamont site down?

Here's good news on calling:5 million calls!

You did it.
We did it!!
At 8:11 Eastern tonight, we broke 5 million calls! And 20 minutes later, we spoke to our 450,000th voter since Friday morning—the goal we'd hoped to reach by Election night!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

–Ben Brandzel and the MoveOn.org Political Action Team
  Sunday, November 5th, 2006

energyanalyst, when are you being deployed to Iraq? There's a shortage of cannon fodder for Bush's and LIeberman's war and you'd be an excellent candidate to fill that role.
My Pet Goat

Mission Accomplished

Bring It On

Stay The Course

Full Steam Ahead™
I did my time, I'm just trying to prevent myself and oddly enough you from being fodder for airplane bombs and nuclear bombs here at home. What makes you think (oops) that when we stop shooting in Iraq that they will stop shooting at us?
Palmer again, you keep missing the "bush lied" keep those talking points current. BTW, there was a nice touch on the Merrit Parkway this morning. Removing the American Flag from 2 bridges and replacing it with Anti-Joe slogans. Very nice to see where the Lamont people are.
EnergyAnalyst said...
I did my time, I'm just trying to prevent myself and oddly enough you from being fodder for airplane bombs and nuclear bombs here at home. What makes you think (oops) that when we stop shooting in Iraq that they will stop shooting at us?

Since you claim to have military experience, then you are definitely needed over in Iraq. Shame on your for sitting in peace and quiet in your home here instead of suffering with our soldiers in Iraq.

Regarding the rest of your comment, Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11-01. Even Bush was forced to admit that when he's under a strong cross examination. But now that Bush followed Osama bin Laden's idea and invaded an oil rich Muslim nation, Bush-Cheney-Lieberman are growing more terrorists. The bombings in Britain are proof that the Iraq war is sprouting terrorists not connected to Al Queda. The Iraq invasion and occupation will create more terrorists, not less.
nice talking points. Perhaps you believe in the tooth fairy too.
Let's see, a guy is President for 8 months and is accused of all kinds of shit because "he let 9/11 happen." Over in the middle east, there is this country publicly itching to get even for the Gulf war. The dictator who sued for peace hasnt complied with the terms and it is suspected that he harbors terrorists, is building nuclear weapons and is expanding his bio weapons program. He has exploited the program put in place to provide food and medicine for his people, and he is using the funds to bribe other countries to let him continue with the status quo.
If you are president, and you are responsible to see your country protected you
A)hope for the best
B)figure out how to take the guy out
C)sit down with the guy for further non-confrontational discussions in the UN

Hmmmmm tough decision. Nice call there monday morning QB, but the talking points dont hold water. If you support the troops so much why is it you and your friends spend so much time be-littling them and their mission
Ah, energybanalist -- one of the last and few true believers. And stop giving us the crap about serving your time -- unless you mean in a penitentiary. No matter who wins in any of the elections, it is pretty clear, your boys at the white house screwed up royally. Unless, of course, you think you know more than the military. Oh, right, you think you do. Also, nice that you blame everything negative against Lieberman on Lamont supporters -- keep thinking those happy banal thoughts.
Welcome back Mr. Happy. What would an idiot convention be without the idiot. Happy trails!!! Be back to say buh bye tomorrow night!!!
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