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Sunday, November 05, 2006


No One Wants the War in Iraq to End More Than Dick Cheney Does

If you want to post an awesome YOUTUBE this one came up this morning! This video speaks for itself Connecticut and our Troops deserve better!

We love all the talk about the troops deserving better. Funny that 64% of them are not voting for Lamont
Wow, energybanalist -- 64% of the troops I didn't know that around 92,000 troops came from CT. Can you provide a link for your number? Thanks.
how about this happy boy. 64% of those troops that live in CT? Look it up yourself my friend you seem to have a lot of free time--and you are SOOOOOO much smarter than someone as banal as I.
energyanalyst, Ned Lamont won the overseas military vote in the Democratic primary. Why would any sane soldier vote for Lieberman, who will not sacrifice his own kids and grandkids, to that hell hole he wants to send others?

Speaking of sacrifice, when are you being deployed to Iraq?
That's a statistic I havent seen, but I suggest that the vote with the entire population for military in CT will not be voting for Ned, and the polls say the same thing.
And after all, this election is about the entire population, not just the democrats. Of course some people love the scorched earth politics.
@hopewellian -- its always pointless to try to argue a point with energybanalist because he gets his talking points from the Lieberthugian campaign. He never supplies a link for his wacko "facts." He didn't serve in the military and he thinks "the muslims" are a country. He also think Bush, Cheney and Lieberman are absolutely right on the war -- so, he's really kind of laughable.
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