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Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Keep Your Eyes Open

It's the final days of the campaign, and Lieberman - with whatever six-figure "petty cash" fund he has lying around nowadays, or with help from his Rove-backed friends, or both - likely has some really slimy stuff up his sleeve.

The guy who ran google ads comparing Ned to Osama bin Laden gave Joe another $1,000 last week.

And one report has surfaced of a mailer to Republicans attacking Daily Kos.

Joe is the worst kind of Republican, and he will use the worst kind of right-wing smears in the coming days in order to hold on to and fire up his far-right base.

(FYI, he also has until 12 noon tomorrow to re-accept the invitation to the debate he had originally agreed to attend but then backed out of.)
I am not like Osama bin Laden. Even though I am his choice for senate from Connecticut. Remember 10 out of 10 terrorists prefer democrats
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