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Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Cheney Stumps For Joe Again

The Lieberman Party's chief national surrogate will continue his campaign against the Democratic Party, Ned Lamont, and, today, John Kerry:

Time and time again, we're seeing examples of Democratic Party leaders apparently having lost their perspective concerning the nature of the enemy we face, and the need to wage this fight aggressively. No sharper example can be found than the Democratic Party chairman himself, Howard Dean, who said the capture of Saddam Hussein didn't make America any safer. And maybe it should be no surprise that such a party would turn its back on a man like Senator Joe Lieberman, who has been an unapologetic supporter of the fight against terror.

Instead they highlight people like John Kerry, their presidential nominee in 2004....

Has Lieberman called for Kerry to apologize like Harold Ford has? Boy, is that ever a knock against Ford and I sent him $25. Now, I don't care. After 7 years of Bushisms, like doctors not being able to show their love for women and all manner of weird stuff out of Bush's mouth, Harold Ford isn't strong enough to stand up to the Republicans carping about Kerry leaving out the word "us," as in "Get us stuck in Iraq." IMO, it really says something unattractive about Ford and he's sure not someone I'd rely on.
@joanbasil -- Ford has said other stupid things. He's a panderer. If he wins, ok, just because his opponent is worse.

It is incredible to me that Cheney and company can continue this rant re: the fight against terror when they have unleashed a monster that will come to bite us. Because of this administration, otherwise non-partisan Muslims have been energized to fight and commit atrocities. I would be embarassed to have that evil, smirking little man support me.
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