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Friday, November 03, 2006


Joe on Imus: Threatens Dodd, Dumps on Dems

Hearing that Joe made a "Godfather" threat to Sen. Dodd on Imus this morning. Anyone have the audio/video? (Update and Bumped: Here's the quote:)

IMUS: "You said the next time you have a meal with Dodd, you'll have to bring a food taster."

LIEBERMAN: "Now I think I should bring Don Corleone."

Apparently, Dodd was asked about this on MSNBC a few minutes ago. And he laughed it off. Well, it's that courageous attitude that is sure to get him elected president in 2008.

Crooks and Liars has some video of another comment - Joe demonstrating his commitment to Democratic ideals.

"You gotta join one caucus or another to protect your seniority... but I'm going to be very independent... watch me..."

In a few short months, it's gone from being "how dare Ned Lamont question my Democratic credentials" to "the only reason I'm joining a party is to protect my seniority"

And Democrats and Republicans alike at Bloomberg's fundraiser last week thought it likely that Joe would caucus with Republicans if it suited him.
Actually sounds a lot more like HE feels threatened my Dodd, but why spoil a good story with facts right tparty.
And such cogent analysis had led you down the path to be a Lieberman supporter, no doubt...
actually no it didnt lead me to support him. I'm voting against ned
If you're voting "against Ned," why does the prevalence of "against Joe" comments on this blog bother you? I'm trying to find some coherence to your commentary on the blog today.
I keep trying to find out what ned is for and I cant.
analyst, since you voted for him three times, just think of everything John Rowland became.

Now think of the opposite.

Your choice is John Rowland redux or Ned Lamont. Since you're not voting for Ned.

You're voting for John Rowland again.
I thought John Rowland resigned. Is there some record of scandal for Joe Lieberman?
energybanalist -- glad to see you are still being, well, banal. I think the slush fund issue and the fact that he pays thugs to illegally intimidate Lamont and the elderly works for scandal. Oh, yeah, then there's the war. Get an idea and post it sometime.
how about this for an idea. If there was any PROOF of those things we'd all be hearing about them. All I hear is accusations. Hmmmm lost my copy of the constitution AH is there anything about Guilty til proven innocent in there? Can't seem to remember how that goes. Doesnt matter, because it only applies the way you want it to in a case by case basis anyway right.
Like all the proof of WMDs...

Stay the Coarse.
@energy analyst

Why don't you go to ned lamont's blog and you can read about where Ned stands on DOZENS of different issues.

I'm not saying that you will agree or disagree with every position but to make the claim that Ned doesn't stand for anything is factually ludicrous.
Now back to a more substantive point.

My personal opinion is that Joe feels he should have been the democratic nominee for president in 2004 and when he garnered vote totals in the Michael Jackson range, Joe Lieberman said to himself that he will spend the rest of his life F---ing the Democratic party.

Joe's comment that "I'm going to be very independent ... watch me..." is another way of stating "I'm going to threaten everybody, bully everybody, to get my way, and do whatever the F I want b/c there's a good chance Dems will only have 50 Senate seats after Tuesday and I can F them over by caucusing with the GOP if I win."

Oh and JOe's independence?? It's all predicated on which special interest buys his vote. The man doesn't have an ounce of integrity in him.
Frankly, I have never been a joe fan. But one thing you could always say about the guy is that he has always been independent. In fact I remember the talking heads saying after the vp debate in 2000 that the wrong guys were at the top of the ticket it should have been joe v. cheney. The integrity is BS and you know it. Do you say the same about Harry Reid, Joe Biden, or any number of others. And should we assume independence when Moveon.org/Soros has been one of ned's biggest supporters?
Hey palmer, need more proof on the wmd, read the NYTimes on 11/3
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