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Thursday, November 02, 2006


Thursday Morning Round-Up

I e-mailed Ms. O'Leary to thank her for digging around for the truth. And I mentioned that Lamont's campaign had spent $500 in petty cash, and that Lieberman had chaired the Governmental Affairs Committee (responsible for financial oversight.)
The O'Leary article in the Register is real journalism. She worked to get that story. It reminds me of the Pulitzer Prize winning San Diego Union Tribune stories on Duke Cunningham's real estate transactions. Unlike the NY Times reports on the Lieberman $387,000 petty cash fund, the San Diego reporters at no point accepted the notion that what they were seeing was "apparently legal" (the quote marks are because thats exactly how the NY Times story put it, "apparently legal").

The last paragraph is important. If petty cash is a loophole for siphoning money out of a campaign, it explodes campaign finance laws. It cannot have been the intention of the writers of campaign finance laws to allow politicians to take money out like that and call it petty cash and its just fine.
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