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Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Joe and Dubya vs. The World

Chuck Schumer, Hillary Clinton, Robert Menendez, Bill Frist, Denny Hastert, Pete King, Susan Collins, the vast majority of conservatives and liberals alike, ... even Joe's best friend Sean Hannity. All have voiced serious opposition to the UAE ports deal which would give control over our critical national infrastructure to a company owned by a dubious (no pun intended) foreign government, one which recognized the Taliban and has yet to recognize Israel. Even those who aren't explicitly opposing the deal are at least calling for a delay to closer investigate the deal, and are furious with Bush for his threat yesterday to use his first veto to kill legislation intended to scuttle the deal.

But "where's Joe?" on this? One guess:

One of the few legislators to come close to defending the transaction was Senator Joseph I. Lieberman, Democrat of Connecticut, who is considered a security hawk among Democrats.

He told ABC News that he was "not yet" prepared to try to block the sale. He noted that many port terminals in the United States are foreign-owned.

"I worry more about the failure to invest in port security" - to improve the ability to detect smuggled weapons of mass destruction, for example - "than I worry right now about this sale," Mr. Lieberman said.

It seems that Joe is equivocating as if this were the eve of an Alito filibuster, or for that matter the eve of a Clarence Thomas vote. Really he must be *torn* between the Democrats, his constitents and his new mentor. But since he hasn't listened to his constituents for years, all bets are placed that he'll go with his best buddy George W. Bush.
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