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Sunday, February 26, 2006


Joe's Friends Stay Loyal

Via Matthew Gertz at My Left Nutmeg comes news that Diane Farrell is supporting Lieberman against Lamont:

Farrell, former first selectwoman of Westport, said that although Lieberman's Iraq position may be unpopular with many Fairfield County Democrats, she and the longtime senator have agreed on many other issues, and her endorsement was justified.

"Joe is a longtime friend and he has endorsed me and my campaign in the past," Farrell said in a telephone interview last week. "We'll have to agree to disagree on the war . . . but we agree on so many other issues" such as women's privacy rights, the Family Leave Act and fair wages.

Like Matthew, I am completely unsurprised by this. If anything, I am surprised that the support for Lieberman among elected officials and the Democratic establishment is as tepid as it seems to be at this early stage. Between SEIU "not being in a hurry to jump into a primary race" and Lieberman feeling forced to trot out ho-hum endorsements from longtime friends and supporters, all against a candidate who hasn't even officially declared yet... Lamont is actually facing a less daunting political landscape than most would have predicted at this point.
It's still a dissapointment.

Still, politics is politics. The best we can expect is lukewarm support of Joe, and no attacks on Lamont.
For the life of me, I can not see why any woman would support Lieberman at this point. Diane Farrell, Rosa DeLauro et. al need to get off the sinking ship that is neocon Joe. Why? Joseph Lieberman has stabbed CT women in the back by refusing to support the Alito filibuster, paving the way for pro lifers in South Dakota. And then Joe had the nerve to send his constituents a smug email as to why he could not support the filibuster. Game's up Joe. Get a new job.
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