Disclosure: I worked for the Lamont campaign doing web design and production and some writing for the official blog (from 9/5/06 to 11/07/06).

Saturday, February 25, 2006


Upcoming Events

Ned Lamont will be all over the state in the coming days and weeks:

Wed. 3/1: Ned Lamont addresses SE CT DFA
Groton Public Library, Large Mtg. Room, Route 117, 52 Newtown Rd., Groton, 6:45 PM

Mon. 3/6: Fairfield Univeristy Young Dems
Fairfield University, 8:00 PM

Thu. 3/23: Guilford Democratic Town Committee
Guilford Community Center, On Route 77, near the green, 7:30 PM

Wed. 3/29: Wesleyan University
6:00 PM

Tue. 4/11: Middlefield Democratic Town Committee
Middlefield Community Center 7:30 PM

Wed. 4/12: Enfield Democratic Town Committee
Enfield Town Hall, 8:00 PM

And there should be an official announcement of the campaign thrown in there somewhere too. As well as, I'm sure, many other events. Check the campaign site for updates, and contact the campaign if you are interested in hosting an event.

Or get involved with your local Democratic Town Committee if you live in CT (here are the monthly DTC meeting dates listed by town).
Look for Ned's official announcement on March 11 (I'm counting down on the Ned Lamont Resource).

Also, in case you didn't see my diary at MyLeftNutmeg on the subject, Ned Lamont has a MySpace profile now. http://www.myspace.com/nedlamont in case you want to add a link.

Keep up the good work!
Thanks, I didn't know an official announcement date had been set. Any word on where it'll be?

I'm not convinced a MySpace profile would do much good for any candidate... I could see it having more potential for political damage than benefit. But it is cool.
I haven't heard where or the exact time, but I'm keeping that day wide open on my schedule.
Hey- I'm trying to steer some Ohio contributions Lamont's way. With the Senate race here effectively over, we need to change the climate of the Senate AROUND DeWine, so he can go back to being a regular (and less dangerous) Republican. No point in squandering any more time, energy or donations on the Ohio race, so I'm recommending to people they send contributions to someone like Lamont.
I really hope Lamont will do his offical candidate announcemnet on either a weekend or a weeknight. I'd love to be there, but can't do it if it's during the workday!

BTW, anyone know when the Stamford DTC meets? I don't see it listed on the CT Dems page listing all other towns.

(Maura in VA is my blogger ID, but I'm in CT now!)
Here's the Stamford Democrats website, Maura. The next meeting isn't listed, but there is some contact info there.
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