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Friday, February 24, 2006


A Turning Point?

A brand-new Rasmussen poll spells out clearly how the Dubai Ports World controversy is terrifying Congressional Republicans and emboldening Democrats on national security. The numbers are lopsided: 64% believe DPW shouldn't be allowed to have operating rights of U.S. ports, just 17% believe they should (and 72% say they have been following the issue closely). But even more striking is how this is turning into unprecedented political gold for Democrats:

From a political perspective, President Bush's national security credentials have clearly been tarnished due to the outcry over this issue. For the first time ever, Americans have a slight preference for Democrats in Congress over the President on national security issues. Forty-three percent (43%) say they trust the Democrats more on this issue today while 41% prefer the President.

The preference for the opposition party is small, but the fact that Democrats are even competitive on the national security front is startling. In Election 2002, the President guided his party to regain control of the Senate based almost exclusively on the national security issue. On Election Day that year, just 23% rated the economy as good or excellent, but the President's Party still emerged victorious.

This could be the turning point we have been waiting for for years to finally paint Republicans for what they are: weak on national security. But where was Joe on this issue? With Sen. Clinton, Sen. Schumer, Gov. Pataki, Sen. Menendez, Gov. Corzine, Rep. King, countless other politicians, and 64% of the American public? No, he was apologizing for Bush, as usual. It's a hard habit to break, I know.

With these numbers, expect real Democrats to smell political blood and continue to push the issue. They would be fools not to do so, both on substance and on politics. Will Lieberman stand with Democrats, Republicans, and 64% of the American public? Or will he continue to stand with the President?
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