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Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Lamont's Online Contributions Surge


Updated and bumped: The netroots came through! $100,000 for Ned Lamont!

Yesterday, Ned Lamont's ActBlue numbers flew past 1,500 donors, past 1,600 donors, and is now up to 1,614 1,662 1,701 1,733 individual donors, for a total of $92,008.52 $95,351.53 $97,251.59 $100,877.65 as of 5PM ET.

All of this without any institutional online support (i.e. MoveOn, DFA). This is purely the blogs - and Ned's great announcement speech - at work.

There's no reason we can't get Ned past $100k today.

Push it real good.
97,031.59 from 1698 contributors as of this writing.
it's almost like The People are more than a bit tired of Joe.
There is a good article by Kos where he talks about how early money donation activity eventually turns itself into much bigger money. http://www.dailykos.com/storyonly/2006/3/14/111244/793
Congrats to Lamont!

Does anyone know if the primary is open, or can only Dems vote? If it's open I worry that a bunch of Republicans will show up to vote for their favorite Democrat.
It's a Democrats-only primary.

That can't be stressed enough.

[Ned Lamont Resource]
I am very annoyed with moveon.org for not getting on board, Now!
MoveOn will get on board but they won't until later. That sucks but that's life. Remember, they didn't sign on with Ciro Rodriguez in Texas until about 6 weeks before his primary. I expect they will much sooner with Lamont.
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