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Saturday, March 11, 2006


"Some Interest Group" Endorses Lieberman

In the Lieberman campaign's own words, that's what happened when the League of Conservation Voters endorsed him yesterday:

Lieberman makes much of environmental endorsement

Senator Joe Lieberman made an event today out of receiving an endorsement from the League of Conservation Voters. The three-term senator faces his first challenge for the Democratic nomination.

Lieberman has traditionally been endorsed by the national environmental organization in his Senate races.

Yes, it's the same endorsement he's received every year, yet this year, it's an "event."

Nevermind Joe's election-year flip-flop on the Broadwater proposal, his less than stellar environmental voting record, or his refusal to support blocking one of the worst possible Supreme Court nominees on environmental issues - a nominee against whom Ned Lamont says he would have "led the charge" in the Senate. [Edited to reflect the fact that his poor voting record was due to missed votes while campaigning. Doesn't affect the rest of the argument at all.]

But remember when the League of Conservation Voters endorsed John Kerry over Lieberman leading up to the New Hampshire primary in 2004, in what was widely perceived as a slap against the Lieberman campaign, which was suffering from an acute case of Joementum at the time. What did Lieberman spokesman Dan Gerstein have to say about the LCV back then?

"Senator Lieberman knows the independent-minded voters of New Hampshire will decide who has the best record on the environment and not some interest group," Gerstein said.

Duplicitous Joe strikes again.
You've made DailyKos front page with this.

Welcome to the bigtime,lol.
Some of these "interest groups" are so masochistic it's incredible. Take NARAL for instance, or never mind. What did the LCV say? Ummm, *we know why we endorse Lieberman.* What is it then? What is that mysterious "why"?
Gerstein, again. Every statement he's made is so abrasive and combative. Not a suave PR guy, at all. Either that, or working for Joe doesn't bring out the best in anyone.
Well, I HAD been giving money to the LCV. They can do without my checks for awhile.
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