Disclosure: I worked for the Lamont campaign doing web design and production and some writing for the official blog (from 9/5/06 to 11/07/06).

Tuesday, March 14, 2006



Ned Lamont on PoliticsTV

PoliticsTV has a flash video of the highlights of yesterday's announcement in Hartford up on their front page. More coming soon, I'm told.

Update: PoliticsTV just put up WMV and QT files of both the "highlights" clip and the full speech with introductions:

Lamont's Announcement of Campaign for U.S. Senate - Highlights (1:12)
Windows Media | Quicktime

Lamont's Announcement of Campaign for U.S. Senate with Introduction - Full Video (19:20)
Windows Media | Quicktime

More Lamont Videos:
at the PTV Candidate Channel
Excellant. Nice touches. My favorite parts: "Googling campaign speech;" senator should stop at Bridgport from Baghdad; his highschool kids; South Dakota, Bridge to Nowhere, party brass (bleat, bleat) . . . Oh forget it. It's a good speech and it's hard to pick a favorite part.
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