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Friday, March 24, 2006


Lieberman Wants Troops in Iraq Until 2009

Lieberman on WTIC

Joe had this to say on Fox 61's News at 10 last night (video at C&L):

We're talking about 2006, 7, 8... that's three years. And I believe that a lot of very good things can happen in three years in Iraq that ideally would allow us to remove every American soldier who's there today.

Yes, so many good things have happened in the past three years, why not three more? And that's if things go "ideally."

The senator is completely out-of-touch.
The man can't help himself for trying.

Stalwart, resolute, and as you say completely out-of-touch with Connecticut Democrats.
Another example of Lieberman parrotting W. He might have well just pointed to Bush and said, "What he said!"
Joementum is the worst excuse for a Democratic senator since Zell Miller.

A pox on his house!
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