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Friday, March 10, 2006


"Big" Announcement Today?

So hints both the Majority Report blog and Atrios.

Listen live to Ned Lamont on the Randi Rhodes show on Air America (guest hosted today by Sam Seder) at 5:30pm.

Update: OK, so the "big announcement" was really just Lamont saying that he will run. I thought that that "big news" was coming on Monday, officially speaking.

Sam Seder is obviously quite excited about Ned Lamont's candidacy. Before the interview he put together a terrific compilation of the Sean Hannity interview, the Michael Ware quote, some assorted bits highlighting Joe's hypocrisy and backstabbing. Great stuff.

Some notable Ned quotes from the interview itself:

To Sam after his introduction: "I dont think you'll be calling me a Fox News Democrat."

On warrantless wiretapping: "I can't believe that conservatives and liberals aren't statding up hand-in-hand on this issue and saying no president is above the law."

On Joe's vote for cloture on the bankruptcy bill before voting against it on the floor: "Someone said, 'we can always count on Joe's vote when we don't really need it.'"

On Alito: "If Ned Lamont were a Senator from Connecticut, I would have led the charge against the Alito nomination."

On Joe's effect on the Democratic party: "I think he undercuts our message, sometimes goes out of his way to criticize Democrats."

At the end, Sam repeated to Ned the exact words that Hannity spoke to Lieberman - that he would help him out in any way he could. He attempted to nationalize the race by telling his national audience that "putting Ned Lamont in the seat in Connecticut will strengthen every single one of your Democratic senators." In my opinion, he couldn't be more right.

Update #2: Full audio available for download at both La Resistance and Crooks and Liars.
Is this the open thread for discussing Ned's appearance on Air America? Sam is really doing a good job of leading up to Ned. Do you think he'll mimic Sean Hannity's endorsement of Lieberman?
Yes, Sam Seder told Ned that he would endorse Ned and use whatever radio show he's affliated with to promote Ned's campaign and rally Dems around the nation to support him. Sam qualified it correctly -- Ned Lamont as CT's junior senator will strengthen every other state's Dem senator because Ned will help Dems become an effective opposition pary; whereas, Lieberman habitually undercuts Dem unity against Bush and the Repukes.
Ned sounded very good! Wish I could be there on Monday!
I'm currently uploading the audio to the Ned Lamont Resource (http://lamont.laresistance.us - old bookmarks still work!)

The .asf file is already on the server, but the cut and cued up MP3 is in the process of upload right now.
That interview with Sam Seder was a much needed pick me up. By the way, have you seen Connecticut Local Politics blogspot with six questions for Sen. Joe? The comment section has been gooped. It's like the trenches.
Sam did list Ned Lamont as a "potential" Lieberman challenger before the interview, so the "surprise" to those around the country who were waiting for Ned to make his challenge "official" was Ned stating what we already knew.

Ned sounded sharp and his answers were crisp. Sam is still plugging his audience to send $$ to Ned's campaign.

What I want from the Lamont campaign in the wake of Monday's formal announcement is an assertive Media campaign INSIDE Connecticut. Lieberman struck first with this birthday bash turn endorsement party. Ned's name recognition has got to rise quickly if he wants to win 15% of the May convention delegates.
Aldon: he did!

Larkspur: I agree entirely. I assume the Hartford announcement will get major media play inside CT, but they need to follow that up and keep the pressure on.
Can't wait to hear the interview. I captured the stream and I'll listen to it when I get home.

If I can ever get my server problems resolved, I'll post it on my site.
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