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Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Next Week: Delegate Caucuses

Starting this coming Tuesday, March 21st until the following Tuesday, March 28th, Democratic Town Committees and caucuses in every town across the state of Connecticut will be choosing delegates to the State Convention on Saturday, May 20th. If 15% of these delegates support Ned Lamont's candidacy, he will qualify for the ballot for the August 8th primary.

According to the official state party website:

Window for selection of Delegates to Conventions: March 21-28, 2006

Certification of endorsements: March 29, 2006 (4pm). If a caucus is the selecting authority for delegates according to your town or city party rules, public notice must be published in a town-wide publication at least five full days before the caucus. Local party rules may require earlier notice, but pursuant to State Party Rules, notice cannot be published more than 15 days prior to the caucus.

These are likely to be rather small meetings. Ned Lamont has supporters all over the state. All that is required in order to either be nominated as a delegate or to vote in the caucus is that you be a resident of the town in question and a registered Democrat.

Ned is already gaining some institutional support within the party, but this campaign is always going to be people-powered and grassroots first. There will be a petition drive as well, and Ned will definitely be on the August ballot. But think about what a message it would send to get 15% of the votes at the convention... or higher... or much higher.

You can run as a delegate. You can vote for delegates supportive of Ned Lamont. Next week is the time for action.

Contact State Central at 860-560-1775 or your town committee (full list of links here, at the bottom of the page) for more information. Get involved if you can.
Actually, the best place to find local Democratic town committee contacts is on the State Dem home page (look for the "choose a town" drop down menu on the upper right).

Also, there is a more complete set of town committee web links (scroll down).
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