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Thursday, March 16, 2006


Lieberman Supports Censure

According to Joe Lieberman, the support of 33% of the American public for the removal of the president from office is justifiable grounds for censure:

...Roughly one-third of the American people have consistently expressed their belief that this President is unfit to lead this nation. That is a startlingly large percentage of our people who have totally lost confidence in our nation's leader.

This extraordinary divergence of opinion tells us that there is a rift in our public life that extends far beyond the specific circumstances of this case, a rift that the President's misconduct has only exacerbated. A statement of censure is not an antidote that will magically eliminate this division, but I believe it will help by demonstrating that we can find common moral ground and articulate our common values even though we Senators and our constituents have disagreed about impeachment.

Yes, of course, that was seven years ago. And it involved a blowjob.

According to recent polling, 46% of Americans, a plurality, support the censure of President Bush. 29% of Republicans support the censure of President Bush. And 42% of Americans - including 47% of Independents - support the impeachment of President Bush. That's significantly more than the one-third (in Lieberman's own words) who supported impeachment in 1999.

If Joe Lieberman does not support Sen. Feingold's resolution to censure President Bush, we are left with only two possible conclusions: he was either lying about his justifications for supporting the censure of President Clinton in 1999, or he has revealed himself to be a clear and undeniable hypocrite in 2006.
I suggest we all send that quote to Sen. Lieberman (senate.gov) and ask him why he doesn't support censure in 2006 when roughly 2/3 of the American people have expressed their belief that this President is unfit to lead this nation. Isn't the a much more extraordinary divergence of opinion and a rather startlingly larger percentage of our people than it was back in the 90s?
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