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Thursday, March 16, 2006


Bumbling, Weak, and Out-of-Touch

As a general rule, an 18-year incumbent senator shouldn't feel the need to go to the AP to whine about a primary opponent with single-digit name recognition during the first week of a campaign.

Not a good sign for Lieberman.
The more LIEberman whines about Lamont, the more publicity he gets. It's win win.
Truman said something about telling the truth and they just think it's hell...
Lieberman waited too long to change parties, and Ned is hitting right between the eyes with his analysis and criticism of his sad career. The only thing I truly know about Lieberman is that he votes for the insurance companies and against the working man every single time. Period.
Devastating. Bush's favorite Democrat. Make sure and let the netroots know what you need. We want Lieberman gone.
As firedoglake notes, we don't know if he has "single-digit name recognition" or something higher - in the poll, 93% "had not heard enough about Lamont to form an opinion," which is different from name recognition.
Firedoglake posted a link to another article:

It ends with this "thoughtful" comment:
I think Lieberman's campaign is not going to give Lamont a pass on anything. They will hit Lamont ever time the upstart gets any press. The Lieberman campaign wants Lamont to understand that challenging the party leadership and a popular incumbent senator results in hardball politics.
Is it me? Or does this article reek of bully boy sniff & scratch? Sounds like Lieberman is just itching for a game of political chicken. Excuse me, but Lieberman is not a popular senator. He's just the senator by default in the land of no change. & Why is Dodd suddenly looking like Lieberman's sockpuppet? (re: Feingold's censure.)
"Republican Light" and "Bush's favorite Democrat"

Oooh, what angry angry words!

Calling legitimate critical comments "angry", when they're not, is right out of the Republican playbook. Lieberman just inadvertantly reinforced this criticism.
It appears the Lieberman campaign's entire strategy is to hope no one is paying attention.
stay angry!
In classic Rovian style, team Lieberman is trying to set the agenda for this campaign. For the past many years, this strategy has worked for the Repubs. They choose the music and the Dems just dance along.

DINO Joe knows that Lamont has not attacked his character - yet. Joe is desperately afraid of a character debate, so he's posturing in the media hoping to frighten Lamont from going after the obvious.

When you claim to be a Democrat from a progressive state, yet consistently support a right-wing agenda, it raises questions about your character. It’s difficult to have a real debate on the issues, because Joe claims to have one position and then votes for another. Hypocrisy is a character defect, not an "issue" that can be debated.

So, for Lieberman, a character debate would be like showing up to a gunfight with a butter knife. Or, to put in terms he might better understand...like showing up in Iraq without body armor.
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